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Tullamarine Closed Landfill, VIC

Status: Closed

While the Tullamarine Closed Landfill site ceased operating as an active landfill in May 2008, our work there, and our commitment to the local community continues. In fact, we will continue to oversee the environmental management of the site for almost another 25 years. This includes monitoring air quality, ground water, surface water and leachate.

A high-integrity capping system was installed at the site in August 2011. Its primary function is to separate the contents of the landfill from the surrounding environment – which means reducing rainwater infiltration, decreasing leachate formation and minimising fugitive gas emissions. We have also engaged Run Energy to implement an onsite Landfill Gas Management Strategy.

Cleanaway has already completed extensive landscaping of the site, including constructing community bikeways and walkways. We remain focused on rehabilitating the site and investigating options for future uses. We are also in continual contact with the community through regular community meetings through the Tullamarine Landfill Community Consultation Group.

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