Packaged hand sanitiser disposal

Safe, discreet and secure disposal of bulk packaged hand sanitiser that protects communities and businesses.

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Safe processing of hand sanitiser waste

Hand sanitisers are useful items for improving and maintaining hygiene in offices, schools and other common areas. However, hand sanitisers, especially if alcohol-based, can also be a fire hazard if not disposed of properly.

Cleanaway offers comprehensive and discreet solutions for bulk packaged hand sanitiser disposal. We can process and recycle out-of-date, off spec, expired, damaged and even unused hand sanitisers, reducing environmental risk while protecting your brand and company.

Our electronic waste tracking system can help you keep track of where your waste goes, making reporting a breeze. All services are EPA-compliant.

Bulk packaged hand sanitiser disposal

Once the bulk packaged hand sanitisers arrive at our facility, all packaging such as cardboard and pallets are removed and bundled for recycling. The product and containers are then processed through our HazPak unit, which uses a nitrogen atmosphere to prevent fire and explosion during processing. The shredded material is then separated and the bottles are washed for recycling. Liquid product is then stored in tanks to meet alternate fuel specifications.


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Keep expired, recalled or off-spec stocks from entering the consumer system.


Protect your brand with our discreet, safe and compliant service.

Why choose Cleanaway

100% Compliance

Our services are EPA-compliant with all the necessary documentation. Electronic tracking information is available upon request.

Reduce waste sent to landfill

Our services can help extract and recover resources from your waste, maximising landfill diversion and improving sustainability rates.

Inhouse experts

Our fleet of purpose-built trucks are backed by an experienced team of specialists who can help advice and assist you on proper hand sanitiser disposal.

Integrated waste management solutions

We provide a total waste management solution, providing you with one account manager, one invoice and consistent, reliable services.

More solutions for Hazardous Regulated Waste

A reliable hazardous waste solutions provider is key to minimising risks to your staff, site and the environment.
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