Greenius Online Waste Education

Customised sustainability education for every organisation

Reduce contamination, increase resource recovery and inspire a passion for sustainability with our industry-leading learning system that reinforces proper behaviour at the bin and beyond. Greenius is Cleanaway’s fully customisable and easy-to-use online learning platform designed to help businesses and organisations make the most of their waste management services. This portal is tailored to the unique requirements of your organisation, demonstrating to users how to adopt better bin behaviour while building a sustainability mindset to reduce waste.


Portal features

The Greenius portal is fully tailored to your business’ waste stream and practices, right down to the individual branch and department, ensuring the right person gets the right information to minimise wastage and improve resource recovery in daily operations.

Fully customisable content for administrators

Customisable aspects of Greenius include:

  • Tailoring content to specific department, branch or state to ensure maximum compliance with state regulations, operational practices and sustainability goals
  • Customising dashboards, email templates and relevant media with your business’ branding
  • Easy access to reports, team progress and statistics to track completion and compliance
  • Interactive content such as videos, quizzes and games to engage users
  • Soliciting feedback on sustainable practices and usage patterns
  • Easy and simple email communication for course assignments, reminders and completion

Greenius also makes it easy for administrators to update and adjust course and module content to target specific waste disposal habits and practices. You can use your own images, videos and other materials to demonstrate real-life examples based on your business needs. Courses and modules can also be set up to expire after a certain amount of time. A customisable certificate is issued upon course completion. Administrators can track usage and completion progress for everyone in the team.

Engaging and interactive content for users

Information is presented through a variety of media so that users stay engaged and knowledge retention is maximised – including but not limited to:

  • Drag and drop gamification
  • Videos and animations
  • Quiz questions

The Greenius portal can be accessed through mobile phones and desktops, ensuring that users can learn at their convenience.

Talk to your account manager today to find out how your organisation can benefit from our Greenius e-learning program.