Retail, hospitality and entertainment

Cleanaway’s waste management services for the retail, hospitality and entertainment sectors.

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Hassle-free and effective hospitality, entertainment and retail services waste management solutions

From individual shops to a shopping centre portfolio, from conference centres to stadiums, Cleanaway delivers cost-effective retail, entertainment and hospitality waste management solutions. We provide a central point of contact for all your waste and recycling needs, offering hassle-free, safe and timely solutions.

Our range of services helps establishments from pubs, cafes to five star hotel chains manage their waste requirements sustainably and create clean, welcoming environments for their patrons. This ensures you can focus on your customers while we manage all your waste management requirements.

With flexible pick up and delivery times and cost-reducing innovations that actively encourage better recycling, our approach fosters best-practice recycling outcomes through quality education, expert advice and a committed, long-term relationship.

Our total waste management services address all your non-core business activities, including managed shutdowns, waste and recycling, grounds maintenance, security services and fire services, roadway maintenance, industrial cleaning, drain maintenance, liaison with tradespeople, dust suppression, fencing, and other services as required.