Clinical, health and aged care

Providing total waste management and product solutions for the healthcare industry including hospitals, general medical and dental clinics, aged care facilities and veterinary practices.

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Healthcare industry waste solutions

Cleanaway is the leading waste management service provider to the Australian medical industry. We have a national service infrastructure supported by premium quality products and services, and the ability to handle all healthcare-generated waste streams. We provide our services to clinics, hospitals, hospices and aged care facilities.

As a total solutions partner, Cleanaway delivers an integrated service offering, expertise in understanding risk, regulations and compliance, and solutions that drive waste disposal efficiencies and minimise patient disruption. We are committed to educating healthcare staff and practitioners about best practices towards safety, sustainability and compliance in the healthcare industry.

We guarantee safe, legally compliant, timely and cost-effective service in this specialised field. Colour-coding and clearly marked stickers help to ensure the highest possible safety standards for your team.

We provide secure storage systems certified to Australian standards for everything from general waste to clinical waste, cytotoxic waste and pharmaceutical waste. We safely and securely handle human tissue waste, laboratory waste, animal waste, and waste resulting from dental, medical or veterinary research, plus other potentially hazardous waste.




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