Total waste management for healthcare industries

Providing solutions for the healthcare industry, including hospitals, clinics, aged care facilities, pharmaceutical and veterinary facilities.

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Comprehensive health and aged care waste management

Cleanaway Daniels delivers integrated, timely and cost-effective health and aged care solutions, ranging from safe and secure handling of biomedical and laboratory waste to proper treatment of hazardous materials. Our healthcare total waste management solutions can be customised to fit facilities and practices of any size, without compromising security, compliance and efficiency, including:

  • Environmentally-friendly and safe sharps disposal in reusable containers with Sharpsmart
  • Secure and tamper-free pharmaceutical waste disposal with Pharmasmart
  • Safe handling of cytotoxic waste
  • Flexible options for single-use disposal units with BioCan

With our nationwide coverage, we offer a one-stop total waste management solution, including general waste, recycling, and sanitary bathroom and hygiene experience, among others.

Aged care facilities

Our waste management solutions fulfil the Australian Aged Care Quality Guidelines, helping facilities create a safe, clean and comfortable environment for residents. All solutions are customised to account for resident safety and waste journey, ensuring it fits the needs and daily operations of the individual facility.

Pharmaceutical waste management

We offer safe and compliant management of pharmaceutical waste, from medication to packaging waste. Our reusable pharmaceutical waste containers are suited to a wide range of facilities and uses, preventing theft and tampering of discarded pharmaceuticals.


Cleanaway Daniels is a leader in healthcare waste management. With the support of our Resource Recovery Specialists, Cleanaway can help provide different waste streams that will ultimately lead to improved waste diversion from landfill. By working with our customers, we can support hospitals to achieve over 50% diversion improvements across their operations.