Organic Product Destruction

Cleanaway provides secure organic waste disposal and destruction services for your business waste, ensuring complete confidentiality of sensitive organic materials.

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Total confidentiality for secure organic waste destruction

Cleanaway protects your brand with the handling and destruction of all your sensitive, out of date stock and damaged goods. Leveraging on our total waste management expertise and EPA-compliant facilities, we can dispose of and achieve complete organic product destruction with maximum landfill diversion.

Please contact us and we’ll tailor a secure organic product destruction program to preserve your reputation and increase landfill diversion rates.

How does organic product destruction work

Backed by inhouse organic waste specialists and purpose-built vehicles, Cleanaway collects and transports your expired, damaged or mislabelled organic products from your doorstep to our facilities safely, securely and in compliance with all local laws and regulations. All materials are handled and recovered quickly, efficiently and without compromising your commercial intellectual property and confidentiality.

Organic products meant for destruction come with EPA-compliant waste tracking and will also be CCTV-monitored 24 hours a day to safeguard against tampering. For sensitive materials, witnessed destruction sessions can be arranged ahead of time.

Depending on the type of organic waste, a combination of machine and manual processes may be used to break down, shred or crush the products, which are then reused, recycled or disposed of.

Our specialist food waste depackaging unit is especially useful in breaking down large volumes of food or beverage packaged in aluminium, plastic, liquid paperboard or cardboard so that organic material can be separated and recycled. This can greatly reduce waste to landfill and help your business achieve sustainability goals.

Secure collection
Tracked transport

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Cleanaway offers a full organics service that can minimise waste sent to landfill, extracting resources from nutrient-rich waste.

Agricultural industries

Our organics waste services recover nutrient-rich waste from your kitchens to be turned into beneficial soil conditioners, closing the loop on organic waste.

Why choose Cleanaway 

Largest network in Australia

Leverage on the largest network of strategically placed collection, storage and processing facilities.

100% compliant

Fully compliant fleet and EPA-compliant service with associated EPA documentation provided.

Closed loop solution

Our services are part of a closed loop, giving you peace of mind that your waste gets a new lease on life.

Fully accredited

Cleanaway is certified to ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environment) and AS 4801 (OHS) standards, helping to reduce your risk profile.

More solutions for Organic Waste

Cleanaway offers sustainable collection, disposal and recycling services for all your organic waste.
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