Oil Water Separator Tank Waste Servicing

We offer a waste oil water separator cleaning and collection service, maximising recovery of oil with minimal impact on the environment.

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Oil water separator waste management

Waste oil water separators are used to separate oil and water with the water being treated for discharge into sewers. Most machines operate by separating oil and water based on the principle of gravity displacement, utilising gravity plates, centrifugal force, floatation, hydrocyclone and other methods.

Oil and water separators are used in various industries, from crude oil production to vegetable and mineral oil manufacturing. They are also used on ships to prevent oil and other contaminants from reaching the ocean.

Regular oil water separator waste management includes servicing your tank every three to six months, depending on type and volume. Waste oil water separator services usually involves removing accumulated waste from the tank, followed by a deep service clean, if required. Depending on your location and industry, your waste oil water separator tank may also be regulated by water authorities, making regular service essential.

Businesses that use oil water separators include:

  • Automotive workshops
  • Car washes
  • Marine ships
  • Mining
  • Food manufacturing businesses

Oil and water separator waste disposal

In general, there are three components to oil and water separator waste: oil, water, and solids, which are usually separated by their respective densities. Depending on the machine, the water can be treated and then reused in the separator, while the sludge may be repurposed into beneficial soil conditioners. The oil may be sent to a refinery facility to be re-refined into new lubricating and fuel oils.

Cleanaway’s team of inhouse experts and specialist fleet of trucks can help you manage your oil water separator tank waste disposal with regular oily water separator services, maximising resource recovery while helping you close the loop on waste.

Pre-service inspection
Cleaning and extraction
Processing and reuse

Key customers

Food manufacturing

Cleanaway’s oil and water separator tank waste cleaning services allow businesses to recover resources while minimising waste.

Petrochemical industry

Our waste oil separator services may help your business extract more resources from hydrocarbons with minimal environmental impact.

Why choose Cleanaway 

Customised service for your needs

Tailored to fit your business needs, budget and schedule.

Specialised fleet

Fully compliant fleet for collection and processing.

Maximise landfill diversion

Reduce waste sent to landfill.

Total waste management

We offer total waste management solutions to support all your waste needs.

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