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Cleanaway’s cleaning shutdown services draw on our full range of industrial services, including high pressure water blasting, abrasive blasting and vacuum loading services.

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Cleaning shutdown services

Plant maintenance shutdowns are a critical time in the operation of a facility. A well-planned shutdown can positively impact the plant and have it running within capacity for years.

During a shutdown, all plant activities are stopped to facilitate maintenance, repairs, and equipment replacements. Plants are regulated for health and safety to ensure operations are within guidelines set by governing legislation.

Cleanaway’s expert teams regularly undertake shutdowns for cleaning and maintenance where time is critical.

We pride ourselves on using our own in-house experts and specialised equipment to deliver your program on time and on budget. Our specialist crews provide complete management from start to finish, ensuring fast turnaround and limited outage time.

Using our range of specialist equipment, we provide innovative solutions to reduce plant shutdown time and positively impact overall plant profitability.

Maintenance shutdown solutions in action

Cleanaway has extensive experience in servicing companies for thorough facility cleaning. We have worked with car manufacturers to do their annual maintenance shutdown. Our team of 16 operators performed high pressure cleaning of paint booths, sludge removal from large waste ponds, and cleaning of large treatment tanks, industrial fans, pits and drains.

We have also worked with paper mill facilities, mining companies, and tar production facilities with varying cleaning needs. We offer solutions that are tailored to your space, equipment, requirements and specifications. We make sure to significantly reduce the time it takes to conduct our cleaning shutdown services so you can reduce your profit loss and resume operations as soon as possible.

Cleanaway’s cleaning shutdown services include:

  • Vacuum loading and truck services
  • Offshore cleaning
  • High pressure cleaning and water blasting
  • Ultra high pressure water jet cutting
  • Hazardous chemical waste disposal services

We also have an extensive range of industrial services backed by purpose-built trucks that are certified and licensed to the highest Australian standards.

Custom cleaning shutdown solutions

After a detailed site analysis, Cleanaway tailors a solution to fit the specifications of particular plants and processes. We develop customised cleaning procedures and use specialist equipment to ensure we reduce plant cleaning times and provide cost savings for our customers.

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Cleaning shutdown

Key customers


Companies into industrial manufacturing tend to generate a lot of waste and need to optimise their equipment. Cleanaway’s service can help maintain cleanliness and compliance.

Mining and resources

We develop customised cleaning procedures and use specialist equipment to ensure we reduce plant cleaning times and provide cost savings for our customers.

Why choose Cleanaway

Expert teams

Our services are delivered by expert personnel and supported by a network of state-of-the-art assets.

Resource recovery

We make sure that related waste is collected, disposed of, recovered and recycled wherever possible.

Competitive advantage

We understand your requirements and challenges, working together to develop tailored solutions to increase efficiencies, reduce downtime and costs.


The safety of your staff and our teams is our top priority.

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We have decades of experience providing industrial cleaning and maintenance services to help keep Australian industries operating smoothly.
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