Cardboard and Paper Recycling Services

If your business generates a lot of cardboard and paper waste, invest in a dedicated recycling bin to maximise landfill diversion.

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Why you should invest in a paper and cardboard recycling service

HARVEST SERVICE UPDATE: Cleanaway is no longer offering the Harvest packaging recycling service. A dedicated cardboard collection and recycling service is recommended as an alternative. If your business produces a large volume of clean soft plastic waste, please visit our soft plastic recycling page to make an enquiry.

A dedicated cardboard and paper recycling service helps save you money on waste management by removing paper and bulky cardboard from general waste streams and reducing waste going into landfill.

When you recycle your paper and cardboard waste, it is turned into new paper and cardboard products such as packaging, industrial paper, tissues, newspapers, insulation, kitty litter and moulded cartons for eggs and fruit.

Clean, dry and uncontaminated cardboard disposal results in a higher quality of recyclable material, maximising resale and recycling values.

The most commonly accepted cardboard and paper types include:

  1. Paper Recycling:
    • Printed office paper (staples are allowed)
    • Envelopes (plastic windows allowed)
    • Newspapers and magazines
  2. Cardboard Recycling:
    • Only dry and clean unwaxed cardboard boxes

These items may differ according to your business location. Items such as receipt paper, waxed cardboard boxes and laminated paper are generally not accepted so check with your account manager before disposing. Contact us to find out more of how we recycle and order cardboard recycling bins near you.

Bin Sizes

Cardboard and paper recycling in action

A dedicated cardboard and paper bin will be provided to separate your cardboard and paper from other waste streams. We will advise collection frequency and access according to your business needs.

After collection, your cardboard box and paper removal bin will be sent to our facilities to be baled. The baled paper and cardboard are delivered to a recycling plant, where they are shredded and mixed with water at a high speed to create paper fibres.

The pulp is passed through cleaning and screening equipment to remove plastic, dirt and staples and is then heated to remove ink and glue. The pulp is usually treated with chemicals and heat to loosen the ink.

The cleaned pulp is diluted with water and mixed with smaller amounts of paper making additives. The resulting paper is then turned into new paper and cardboard products like brand new cardboard boxes, egg cartons, newspapers and much more.

Single bin collection
New items

Key customers

Paper mills

Dry and clean cardboard and paper discards can be recycled into new materials.

Wholesalers and retail outlets

Improve diversion by placing clean and dry cardboard into a dedicated bin.

Why choose Cleanaway

Cost effective

Sending waste to landfill can come at a high price. Save money by recycling more and reducing the volume of your paper and cardboard waste.

One stop shop

Cleanaway provides a complete waste management solution that solves all your business’ paper and cardboard recycling needs.

100% recycled

Cardboard and paper are recycled at facilities around Australia.

Frequency of service

Pick-ups can be arranged to suit your needs, whether it be weekly, fortnightly, monthly or at another frequency that suits your business.

More solutions for General Waste and Recycling

Businesses can divert more waste from landfill and improve sustainability rates with tailored general waste and recycling management.
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