Cleanaway Equipment Services

Our specialised industrial equipment cleaning services provide high quality cleaning for workshops of all sizes.

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Cleanaway Equipment Services

Cleanaway Equipment Services (CES) extend the life of your equipment

Cleanaway’s complete suite of industrial equipment cleaning services benefit different industries. Our commercial equipment cleaning services increase cleaning productivity while reducing manual handling risks and labour costs. CES are high quality and durable equipment that provide reliable tools cleaning in demanding environments. We assure your equipment are thoroughly cleaned so they can last longer.

CES get rid of dirt, oils, greases, and other unwanted materials that coat tools and equipment. These contaminants are properly collected, stored and disposed of.

Cleanaway Equipment Services have branches in most states and provide the following services:

  • Sale and/or lease of parts washers:
    • Turbowash machines
    • Hot tanks
    • Solvent sinks
    • Spray gun cleaners
    • Spill kits
  • Collection of waste rags and oil filters
  • Sales and collection of solvents for cleaning

Using our equipment cleaning services provides benefits that include:

  • Extended lifespan of equipment
  • Reduced costs
  • Supply of specially formulated cleaning powder and removal of used wastewater
  • Environmentally friendly solutions that are compliant with all relevant state laws

Turbowash machine