Glass is a 100% recyclable commodity that can be optimised for reuse in many industries, from construction to retail and manufacturing.

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Glass waste disposal and recovery

We collect glass waste from construction and engineering sites through our tailored collection and disposal services. Alternatively, glass waste can be dropped off at our many transfer stations across the country.

Glass from construction and demolition sites is not made of the same material as glass in regular beverage containers. In states where construction and demolition glass waste is accepted, we collect it separately from container glass and take the waste to a beneficiation plant to be crushed, cleaned and processed for use in construction.

What happens to your glass waste?

Glass waste from your construction site is screened to remove contamination then sorted for further processing. Depending on the type of glass, it may also be crushed into a fine sand for use in construction projects.


Key customers

Construction and demolition sites

The glass from construction and demolition sites can be repurposed into road base and as aggregates for further use.

Property managers

Properly sorted and kept separate from other waste, glass can be recycled into new glass or turned into aggregates for construction.

Why choose Cleanaway 

Varied collection

We collect all kinds of glass waste.

Scheduled for your convenience

Our scheduled waste collections ensure that your glass waste is safely handled at any time.

Maximise landfill diversion

Cleanaway’s glass waste management ensures that your waste is recovered every time.

Integrated waste management solutions

Our total waste management solutions minimises wastage and improves business efficiency.

More solutions for Construction, Demolition Waste

Building, renovating and demolishing projects produce a lot of waste that can be recovered from landfill. We collect, dispose of and recycle construction, demolition and engineering waste for projects of all shapes, scales and sizes.
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