Emergency Spills

Cleanaway’s 24 hour emergency response hotline 1800 SPILLS (1800 774 557) is the number to have on hand for any organisation dealing with the transport or storage of waste, liquid products, chemicals and operational plants.

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Emergency Spills

Our Services

Our expert teams provide urgent containment and clean up for:

  • Grease trap and oily water
  • Stormwater or sewer/septic waste
  • Hazardous and non-hazardous spills
  • Factory or facility response
  • Bulk hazardous waste
  • Large chemical spills

Why choose Cleanaway?

DEDICATED TEAMOur dedicated team is supported by an array of technical specialists within Cleanaway, including chemists, lab technicians, occupational health and safety and environmental officers.

SPECIALIST EQUIPMENTWe have emergency response spill trailers, communication systems, vacuum loading, tankers, excavators, tip trucks pumps, containment, and other emergency response apparatus.

MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONWe manage the whole process from the initial collection to the final disposal, ensuring you receive a safe, legally compliant, and environmentally responsible solution.

FULLY COMPLIANTWe are certified to ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environment) and AS 4801 (Occupational Health and Safety) standards, and utilise a fully documented and proven emergency response management system.

Have 1800 SPILLS handy at all times to ensure you have the right support when you really need it.