Waste Pump Outs

Cleanaway’s waste pump outs services effectively separate liquid waste in facilities producing oily water, sludge and hazardous waste.

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Waste pump out services

Waste pump outs need to be emptied and cleaned regularly as part of planned maintenance programs. Frequency of maintenance depends on design, size, flow rates and volume on contaminants in the waste water.

Waste pump outs should be inspected at regular intervals to ensure there are no problems and leakages which would allow pollutants to leach into the surrounding environment.

We can help you with carrying out inspections and advise on the best plan to effectively organise your maintenance schedule.

Waste pump out solutions

We empty and clean waste pump outs using a jet vac tanker.

Our specialist vacuum loading vehicles allow the waste content including solid waste and liquid contaminants to be sucked up then taken for safe disposal at our treatment facilities.

Our water jetting system on the jet vac tanker will then clean the tank and ensure all pipework is clear and in good working order.


Key customers

Government and local councils

Emergency pump out services can be required due to extreme weather and flash flooding. Cleanaway’s large fleet can respond quickly to pump out unwanted liquids and begin the clean-up process.

Mines and construction sites

Heavy industrial sites produce a lot of oily water or liquid waste contaminated with solids and chemicals. Our triple pump outs can help treat the liquid waste for better disposal.

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Expert teams

Our services are delivered by expert personnel and supported by a network of state-of-the-art assets.

Maximised resource recovery

We make sure that related waste is collected, disposed, recovered and recycled wherever possible.

Competitive advantage

We understand your requirements and challenges, working together to develop tailored solutions to increase efficiencies, reduce downtime and costs.


The safety of your staff and our teams is our top priority.

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