Waste Oil

Oil recycling and re-refining automotive waste oil is the best way to reuse lubricating and other motor oils, reducing our reliance on virgin crude oil.

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Waste Oil

Automotive waste oil collection and recycling 

Each year, our automotive waste oil collection and recycling services processes over 150 million litres of used lubricating oil and oily water from over 35,000 workshops and businesses. This helps protect the environment while offsetting Australia’s crude oil requirements by approximately 900,000 barrels.

We are the largest oil recycler in Australia with facilities to process waste oil in every mainland state and territory. These facilities recycle automotive waste oil into new base and fuel oils, reducing reliance on virgin crude oil and customer costs.

Cleanaway has two waste oil refining facilities with Category 1 status under Australia’s Product Stewardship for Oil (PSO), at Wetherill Park and Rutherford in NSW. This means that the new base and fuel oils produced in these facilities are comparable to lubricant, hydraulic and transformer products made from virgin crude oil.

These base and fuel oils can be refined into customer-specific oils, or in lubricant manufacture. These facilities, which are an Australian first, produce American Petroleum Institute (API) Group 1 base oils which exceed the API’s industry standard. Both fuel and base oils are sold in Australia and exported overseas.

Cleanaway’s used automotive oil re-refining process gives you the assurance of knowing that your waste oil will be refined and utilised to its full potential with minimal environmental impact.

What waste oils are accepted?

Our waste oil removal and collection services cater to all types of waste automotive and engine oils including used lubricating oil, oily water, oil filters, hydraulic oil and sump oil. We also offer parts washers and hot tanks as part of our comprehensive equipment cleaning services.

Where can I drop off my used waste oil?

For workshops and businesses, we offer regular and scheduled waste oil disposal and collections so you will never have to worry about over-filled waste oil containers. Ad hoc pickups can also be arranged for busy periods.

For smaller amounts of waste oil, you can drop it off at selected Cleanaway Liquid Public Waste Drop-offs locations. Find your nearest site in Our Location.