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Cleanaway Daniels offers sustainable clinical waste disposal and medical waste collection solutions from sharps to medical research and treatment waste.

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Clinical waste management solutions

In the last three decades, despite rapid advancements within the medical industry, healthcare waste management practices have remained largely unchanged. Stationary, open lidded and/or kerbside style mobile garbage bins are common in patient care areas, together with the practice of transferring clinical waste in bags and soft packaging. These all too prevalent practices result in heightened risk of spillage, infection transfer, pathogen build up and sharps penetration.

The Clinismart system introduces a new standard of safe clinical waste management. With proven infection risk minimisation, segregation efficiencies and environmental burden reduction, the C64 Clinismart container combats logistical challenges commonly associated with healthcare waste disposal while keeping staff and patient safety the highest priority.

Actively protecting against infection risk, minimising environmental burden, and removing a potential source of pathogen transfer and needlestick injuries when decanting, the Clinismart system offers unparalleled safety and compliance:

  • Reducing risk of pathogen transfer
  • Providing single point handling of clinical waste disposal
  • Improving waste segregation
  • Reducing time and labour
  • Putting safety first

Clinismart Medical waste disposal system benefits

Reduced infection transfer
Using a foot-pedal opening mechanism and bagless system means hand contact with clinical waste bins are no longer required. This no-touch alternative results in a dramatic reduction in the infection transfer risk that currently exists using standard clinical waste containers which require manual lid opening and/or tying off bags before debagging.

The Clinismart reusable system ensures that once full, each container is closed off and presented for removal from your premises. It is then emptied, and subjected to a rigorous six-stage robotic wash and sanitisation process that eliminates challenge organisms and proves a 106 Log reduction in bacterial load.

Reduced waste through waste segregation
The reusable Clinismart system can help you make a significant waste reduction impact. Clear labelling, temporary locking mechanisms, and the easily identifiable design of the C64 Clinismart container encourage better waste segregation, reduce clinical waste volumes and require fewer container exchanges.

Designed as a full-solution system, the Clinismart delivers multiple cost efficiencies in consumables, labour and segregation.

The clinical appearance of the Clinismart collector dissuades staff and patients from misappropriating its use for general waste disposal. The flow-on reduction of reduced clinical waste volumes lowers costs significantly. The compact design and transportation accessories of the system dramatically reduce the workload of environmental services staff.

Reusable system that’s eco-friendly
The quality seal of the Clinismart eliminates the need for a bin liner and reduces the volume of plastic waste going to landfill. The eco-friendly Washsmart process is fully automated and uses recycled water to ensure minimum environmental impact.

Time and labour reduction
Its compact design allows the Clinismart to be located at the point of waste generation, eliminating the need to transfer waste to larger bins after disposal. Easy-to-use bulk collection trolleys make moving Clinismart containers simple and more efficient when environmental services staff complete waste collection rounds.

Optimised space
The compact, clean design is far less intrusive in a clinical setting and helps to optimise space usage in high demand waste areas such as loading docks and tight utility rooms.

Clinical waste disposal journey

Our Clinismart clinical waste disposal system has been formulated to ensure no waste is bagged or decanted. This in turn eliminates risk in waste transfer.

Container delivery
Secure transportation
Cleaning and decontamination
Quality control

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We are Australia’s leading medical waste management partner for hospitals, clinics and other medical services providers.

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We offer safe disposal and treatment of any pharmaceutical by-product or waste.

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Safe, disposable, puncture and tamper resistant containers

Our patented containers ensure secure containment and disposal of all clinical waste.

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EPA-compliant service with associated EPA documentation provided.

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You can rely on our professional and proficient staff to advise and assist you on your clinical waste collection, storage and transport.

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Our services are designed to reduce medical waste volumes and environmental impact.

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We are Australia’s leading provider of medical waste services, making a safer, sustainable future possible for the healthcare sector.
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