Cleanaway is Australia’s leading waste management, recycling and industrial services company.

About Us

We’ve come a long way in our short history. We started life in South East Queensland as Transpacific in 1987 and through hard work and determination have become the leading waste management company in Australia. To ensure we continue to build and strengthen we have united our solid waste, liquids and industrial services under a refreshed and reinvigorated Cleanaway brand. And, effective from February 1, 2016, we are now Cleanaway Waste Management Limited.


Our early years were spent developing and running liquid waste management centres throughout Townsville, Mackay, Cairns and Mt Isa. We spent most of the 90’s expanding into New South Wales and Victoria, and by 2001 had extended our footprint into Western Australia. In 2007 we acquired the largest solid waste company in the country – Cleanaway – making us a truly national total waste management company. The largest in Australia.


Everything we’ve done to grow to where we are today has been to enable us to better service our customers; from building Australia’s first purpose-built hydrogenation plant to treat waste oil, to being the largest collector and processor of waste in the country.


Our size and market leadership position have helped us forge partnerships with a number of leading government, industry and commercial entities like the Australia Council of Recycling (ACOR), the Australian Packaging Covenant (APC), and the Waste Management Association of Australia (WMAA). By being actively involved with these bodies, we stay at the forefront of our industry.


But size alone doesn’t equal customer service or sustainability. It has to be combined with the knowledge built up over many decades of how to efficiently collect and treat waste. At Cleanaway, this is our strength and ensures we service all of our customers to the high standards needed to play an important role in the sustainability of the environment in Australia.


Everything we do has sustainability at its core. From educating kids on the importance of sorting waste, to working with all our customers and communities on finding innovative ways to increase the effectiveness of their waste management and make a sustainable future possible.


Joint Ventures