Cleanaway is Australia’s leading waste management, recycling and industrial services company.

A smarter way and a better way: meet the new Cleanaway

An Australian company, with roots back to the 1870s, Cleanaway is Australia’s leading total waste management, industrial and environmental services company. Our long history began with a seed planted by a young Walter Bramble, a river trader on the waterways of the lower Hunter Valley in 1875.


Fast forward to 1 February 2016, and the strength of the Cleanaway name re-emerged as Australia’s newest waste management and recycling company when we formally changed our name to Cleanaway Waste Management Limited (ASX: CWY) to reflect the affinity that Australians have with the history behind the Cleanaway name.


With over 4,100 employees, 8,500 shareholders, we serve millions of customers – from big business, to households around the country – and are a part of the everyday life of most Australians. Today we cover all parts of Australia, from Gove to Burnie and Karratha to Newcastle. We work with farmers in rural and regional Australia, miners in remote areas of Queensland and Western Australia, retailers in our major city centres, municipalities and householders across Australia, and even specialist service workers who may need the expertise of our emergency response teams following spills and other accidents.


Everything we do has sustainability at its core. From educating kids on the importance of sorting waste, to working with all our customers and communities on finding innovative ways to recover more reusable resources from every day waste.


Our team is driven by resilience, passion, and innovation, with a shared focus on delivering the very best service for our customers knowing that it makes a real difference each day. In a world where businesses come and go, we’re proud to carry the Cleanaway name forward, more than 60 years since it was first registered, as we work toward our mission of making a sustainable future possible.


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