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Resource recovery at every opportunity

Cleanaway Waste Management Limited is Australia’s leading total waste management solutions provider. We have served Australia for over 50 years, delivering solutions that offer extraordinary benefits not just for our customers, but for the communities and environment we live in.

In 2018, we welcomed Toxfree and Daniels Health into the Cleanaway family, expanding our reach and scale to over 6,300 expert staff and a specialist fleet of over 5,300 vehicles spread over 250 locations in Australia. 2020 saw the addition of Grasshopper Environmental, improving our resource recovery efforts in the construction and demolition industry. In 2021, we acquired seven post-collection assets from Suez, expanding our waste processing capabilities further and leading to the creation of the Sydney Resource Network (SRN).

At Cleanaway, we offer our customers an unrivalled capacity to collect, process, treat, recycle or safely dispose of any type of waste. Because we see all waste as a resource, managing Australia’s waste needs isn’t a matter of asking “where does it go now?”, but “what can it be next?” Our experience and expertise in the industry means we’re always finding better, smarter and cleaner ways to make a sustainable future possible.

This has led to deep collaborations and partnerships with leaders across different industries. In 2017 we worked with TOMRA as TOMRA Cleanaway to deliver Return and Earn, NSW’s container return scheme as the Network Operator, with an extension granted to continue in 2022.

We have also partnered with Pact Group and Asahi Beverages to create Circular Plastics Australia (CPA), a joint venture to close the loop on PET plastic. This partnership creates valuable raw material sourced from container return schemes across the country to be turned into new beverage and food containers.

Visit our Sustainable Future Newsroom for all the latest news or read more about our business and the foundations that support our goal to make a sustainable future possible together.

About Cleanaway

Facts and coverage

Quick facts about Cleanaway you need to know.
7200+ people
Servicing our customers and communities across Australia with a focus on safety and quality
~190 GWh renewable energy
Generated nationally each year. And growing as we tackle climate change in our own way
ASX100 listed
Strong performance doesn’t just benefit investors – it means we can provide surety to customers and our team
Sustainable Future Newsroom
All the latest news, articles, case-studies, and videos from Cleanaway. Check out our community work, find out about the latest industry news, and learn how you can contribute to making a sustainable future possible.