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We have the expertise to collect and treat your industrial and workshop oily water safely with full legal compliance. 

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Oily water disposal service

Industrial oily water can be an environmental hazard if not treated and disposed of properly. Our oily water collection and treatment services treat wastewater contaminated with oil, PCB (Polychlorinated Biphenyl) and other materials, recovering resources from a potentially hazardous waste stream. This collection service is backed by a team of inhouse specialists and a purpose-built fleet, upholding the highest standards of safety and regulatory compliance.

Contaminants must be removed from oily water to a predetermined level before the waste water can be disposed of in sewerage. However, simply removing the oil component, as is the case with most forms of oily water treatment, is not enough to remove the PCB contamination to meet regulatory requirements for discharge.

Removing contaminants and recovering resources from oily water

Cleanaway has plants that process oily water to reduce PCB concentration to <2ppb* for sewer discharge. The innovative hydrocyclone design oily water separator works on a powerful but simple vortex principle.

The oily water is pumped into a cone-shaped separator. This creates a spinning vortex which creates the separation force. The vortex accelerates as it moves down the cone. These strong centrifugal forces separate the heavier water phase to the outside of the vortex while the lighter oil phase moves to the centre.

The separated oil is removed through an orifice located in the inlet end and goes on to be treated through the Base Catalysed Dechlorination (BCD) process. The treated water is discharged and passed through a series of specialist filters.

* ppb = pumps per billion


Key customers

Automotive workshops

Our oily water collection ensures safe, compliant and discreet removal.


Cleanaway can provide oily water separators and collection services to manage mining and milling waste.

Why choose Cleanaway 


We work with you to reduce business wastage and maximise resource recovery.

Reliable and trustworthy service

Schedule your collection times according to your business needs, minimising hassle and improving business efficiency. Ad hoc collections available.

Specialised fleet and storage

Our large collections network, mine-compliant collection and delivery fleet, along with our strategically placed storage collections meet all state and environmental regulations.

Certified tracking

All waste and by-products are tracked, reported and treated before reuse and disposal, allowing you to track your waste and report it as needed to local councils and other reporting bodies.

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