Fluorescent Lights and Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs Disposal

Responsible environmental solution for fluorescent tubes and HID lamps including the recovery of glass, aluminium and mercury.

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Fluorescent light bulb disposal

Fluorescent tubes and HID (High Intensity Discharge) lamps contain hazardous contaminants and must be disposed of carefully after use. Both fluorescent tubes and mercury vapour lamps contain high levels of mercury. Sodium lamps contain elemental sodium metal and require neutralisation.

Due to their fragile nature, fluorescent light tubes cannot simply be thrown into your general waste bin.

Cleanaway accepts a wide range of lamps and light bulb for safe disposal and treatment.

The varying types can be collected in special bins on a changeover basis under a rental or deposit scheme. A Cleanaway representative will advise the best solution for your specific requirements.

Cleanaway’s “Fluorobox 4-50” which holds approx 50 tubes, is suitable for smaller generators. Original cardboard supply packaging can also be accepted.

For households wishing to recycle their used fluorescent lights, first wrap them securely with tissues or old newspapers before disposal. Check with your local council to find your nearest drop off point or contact your waste management provider for information. You may need to take your e-waste to a local drop off event to properly dispose of your fluorescent lamps for recycling.

Lamps are processed to recover the glass, aluminium components and phosphor containing mercury. The mercury is recovered by distillation for reuse.

Fluorescent light bulb recycling

Cleanaway offers a business collection service for fluorescent lights and compact fluorescent light bulbs disposal. Fluorescent bulbs contain mercury, glass, plastic, and phosphor powder, all of which can be recovered through our innovative processing technologies.

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Cleanaway offers a comprehensive waste service for your e-waste and other waste streams generated by your business.  

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Cleanaway can help you dispose of and recycle resources from old fluorescent lights and compact fluorescent light bulbs.

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Cleanaway offers electronics waste collection solutions that are compliant with local regulations.
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