Quarantine Waste Management

Cleanaway offers a safe, secure and legally compliant service to suit all your biosecurity and quarantine waste management service needs.

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Quarantine waste

Quarantine waste, also known as biosecurity waste, refers to any item that has been rejected for entry into Australia. In some cases, the items may require treatment before being allowed into the country, while in other cases, the items are marked for immediate disposal due to the hazard they represent.

This includes packing material, food waste, pets, by-products created from the treatment of imported goods, biohazard quarantine items and goods seized during quarantine inspections.

Quarantine waste management

Quarantine and biosecurity waste can only be handled by an Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) provider. Cleanaway’s quarantine waste solutions are approved by AQIS, and all the quarantine waste we process is transported to secure landfill.

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Shipping and logistics

We offer a discreet and efficient biosecurity waste management solution for your business needs.

Government and defence

Cleanaway offers comprehensive quarantine and biosecurity waste services, ensuring your solid and liquid waste are disposed of responsibly.

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Service flexibility

Onshore and offshore collection services available.

Keep track of your waste

Trackable and reliable waste disposal.

Specialised fleet and experienced personnel

Purpose-built fleet to support your biosecurity waste needs.

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A reliable hazardous waste solutions provider is key to minimising risks to your staff, site and the environment.
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