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Cleanaway Daniels provides safe and efficient disposal solutions for GMO (genetically modified organisms) waste.

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GMO waste disposal

What is a genetically modified organism (GMO)?

A GMO is an organism that has been genetically modified to introduce a new characteristic within itself. GMOs may consist of plants, animals or microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi.

What is contained use of GMOs?

In the medical and healthcare industry, “contained use” refers to the usage, storage, transport and destruction of GMOs to provide a high level of safety by limiting contact between GMOs and humans or the environment.

All infectious and non-infectious GMOs contained within clinical waste should be pre-bagged before disposal. Waste derived from human or animal research that contains infectious substances is classified as infectious GMO waste while waste that does not contain infectious substances is categorised as non-infectious GMO waste.

Secure GMO waste disposal with Clinismart

We utilise our user-friendly Clinismart system to safely contain, store, transport and destroy hazardous GMOs contained within clinical waste streams. The reusable Clinismart GMO waste disposal system comes with a foot-pedal mechanism that minimises contact between GMO waste and healthcare staff and reduces risk of pathogen transfer.

First, the assembled collector is wheeled to the GMO waste generation point where it collects and contains waste. Once full, the container is locked and taken to storage for pick up and disposal. Our fleet of purpose-built waste collection vehicles transports the collectors to our EPA compliant facilities where GMO waste is processed for recovery or secure destruction.

At the facility, the Clinismart containers are sent to our Washsmart system where they are washed through a stringent eight-step process with environmentally friendly detergent, powerful jet blasting hoses and steam technology. They then go through a rigorous quality control check where each container is inspected, tested and checked to be in 100% working order.

Secure transportation
Washing and decontamination

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Our safe and sustainable GMO waste disposal services minimise impact on the environment.

Research institutes/laboratories

We offer safe disposal and treatment of GMO waste.

Why choose Cleanaway

Safe, disposable, puncture and tamper resistant containers

Our patented containers ensure secure containment and disposal of all GMO waste.

100% compliant

EPA-compliant service with associated EPA documentation provided.

Inhouse experts

You can rely on our professional and proficient staff to advise and assist you on your GMO waste collection, transport and recycling.

End-to-end sustainable GMO waste disposal partner

Our services are designed to reduce GMO waste volumes and environmental impact.

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We are Australia’s leading provider of medical waste services, making a safer, sustainable future possible for the healthcare sector.
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