Used Coolant and Antifreeze Disposal

Our antifreeze recycling and waste coolant disposal services are uniquely crafted to ensure your used coolant and antifreeze are recycled safely and with minimal impact to the environment.

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Used coolant and antifreeze collection

Engine antifreeze coolants are usually made from either ethylene glycol or propylene glycol, both of which are recyclable. Used antifreeze and coolant disposal treats this liquid waste as hazardous due to the presence of heavy metals from the engine 

Recycling used coolant and antifreeze

Automotive and engine workshops often practice one of two antifreeze glycol waste disposal management options: some workshops have a coolant recycling system for onsite processing, while others have a dedicated collection service. For cutting fluids, used coolant can be recycled and processed completely into new coolant.

Coolants can be recycled almost completely into new products, closing the loop on these hazardous chemicals. Liquid or gaseous residues are recovered and reused or recycled depending on the waste stream.

Cleanaway has the experience and expertise to handle any form of solid or liquid hazardous waste, backed by a specialist fleet of trucks and equipment. We can also provide consulting services on managing your chemical waste and other hazardous waste.

Waste processing

Key customers

Automotive workshops

We can collect, process and recycle your coolant and glycol antifreeze waste according to your workshop needs and business hours.

Mining and metalworking businesses

We have the capability and expertise to help you maximise recoverable resources from your coolant and cutting fluids. 

Why choose Cleanaway 

Fit to your needs

Tailored to fit your business needs, budget and schedule.

Specialised fleet

Fully compliant fleet for collection and processing.

Maximise landfill diversion

Maximise resource recovery.

Total waste management

We offer total waste management solutions to support all your waste needs.

More solutions for Liquid Waste Management

From septic waste to wastewater, coolants and drum waste, we have the expertise and facilities to manage your liquid waste safely, securely and in compliance with safety and environmental requirements.
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