Municipal waste management services

From a three-bin waste collection service to a tailored service that includes hard waste collection, sewage, drain and root cutting services, Cleanaway has the track record, size and scale to service the needs of residents and councils.

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Municipal waste management solutions

For decades, we have been providing an extensive range of municipal waste management and recycling solutions to local councils across Australia.

Our municipal and local government waste management solutions take into account current and future growth predictions, disposal habits and public waste education, as well as identification of potential new waste streams to increase diversion.

We collect and process general waste and recycling on behalf of councils, provide industrial services for roads and municipal asset maintenance, and are the first point of contact when you need a clean up in your community, providing comprehensive local government waste management solutions.

Our range of industrial services for councils include sewer and drain cleaning, pipe and tube cleaning, root cutting, trunk cleaning, culvert surveying, jetting of tanks and culverts, well surveys, tank and vessel surveying and many more.


24-hour emergency spills response

For our 24-hour emergency spills response, call us on 1800 SPILLS (1800 774 557).

For hazardous and non-hazardous spills, from a minor fuel leak to a large-scale environmental emergency, on land or in a waterway, we manage the whole response process, from containment to clean up, collection, processing and disposal. We have the in-house skills and experience plus access to Australia’s largest range of emergency response vehicles, plants and equipment.

The fastest possible response to spills minimises negative impact to the environment, community and your business reputation. Our services comply with relevant environmental protection obligations, from clean up to waste transport and ultimate disposal.


Cleanaview council portal

Our Cleanaview council portal allows you to optimise routes, manage requests, solve issues and improve services, all in near real time. Regular and scheduled reports can be generated and integrated with your municipality’s systems if required.

Cleanaview offers councils greater control over municipal waste services operating in near real time. The portal also makes it easy for you to access information for residents, improving customer service and using big data to deliver long-term value. Cleanaview also helps councils improve bin service and education by offering customer insights with the bin alert capture system