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Registering on the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP)

Once you have received your invitation from “Coupa for Suppliers” and clicked on the link to confirm your registration, you will be taken to the CSP login page to create your password.



Please follow the below steps:

1. Create & confirm your password

2. Accept Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

3. Tick “I’m not a robot”


Once the password has been created, you will be directed to the Coupa Home Page. There will be a few pop ups along the way – decline these until you are in the home page.  


Coupa Home Page

Once you have successfully signed in, you will be taken to the menu page as below.


The page is organised with the following key buttons:

  1. Navigation Bar: Menu button to navigate to Home, Profile, Orders, Service Time Sheets, ASN, Invoices, Catalogs and Admin section
  2. Notifications: Button to confirm preferences for receiving notifications from CSP
  3. Help: Online Help Menu Button with standard videos and training modules. NOTE – This section is not customised to Cleanaway.
  4. Improve your Profile: This button helps you manage your profile on the Coupa Supplier Portal i.e. address, and key contact details


1. Navigation Bar:



This button includes links to following key sections

a. Home: This section helps you manage your public profile for transacting with other customers on Coupa.

b. Profile: This section helps you manage your profile on the Coupa Supplier Portal i.e. address, and key contact details

c. Orders: This section lists all the Purchase Orders with the Order Date. You can acknowledge the PO and also create an invoice or credit note via PO flip using the gold and red coin respectively

d. Invoices: This section lists all the invoices created with their current status.

e. Catalogues: This section is for Catalogue creation and management. Please reach out to CWY Procurement at if you would like to manage your catalogue.

f. Admin: This section helps you manage:

i. User information – add, edit or remove users;

ii. Merge Requests – merge or unmerge other accounts on Coupa

iii. E-Invoice Setup* (Mandatory Field) – manage “Remit To” information. NOTE – This section contains some mandatory fields which are required to be filled in order to start submitting the invoices via CSP.

g. My Account: This section helps you manage the password for the CSP account.

    2. Notifications Button:

This section helps you manage the notification preferences on Purchase Orders, Invoices, Catalogues, User connection, profile updates. Please select and tick the appropriate box to confirm your preferences.

    3. Help Button:

Clicking on this button will take to the global standard help library with videos and training modules. NOTE – Help section is not customised to Cleanaway but may be useful to understand different tools that are available.

    4. Improve your profile:

This section helps you manage your profile on the Coupa Supplier Portal i.e. address, and key contact details [Optional]


*Mandatory Fields – Remit to Address

The requirement to create a “E-Invoicing Setup” is a Coupa system requirement which will prevent a supplier from creating and submitting an invoice if not completed. NOTE – Cleanaway will not rely on these details for processing and paying supplier invoices.

Step 1: Go To Navigation Bar > Admin

  Step 2: Go To “E-Invoicing Setup” > “Add Legal Entity”

This allows you to invoice Cleanaway through Coupa. Bank details are not required in Coupa – if bank detail changes are required please contact Accounts Payable Step 3: Below window should pop-up.    

Please fill in the details for the below mandatory fields

  1. Country = Example “Australia”
  2. VAT ID = Example: ABN 12345678910 (Please type the letters ABN and space in front of the number)
  3. Address Line
  4. City
  5. Post Code


Step 4: Confirm Remit To section is updated.
This information will be picked up from your invoice address – Click Next & Done all the way through to ‘Set Up Complete’ Example below


Inviting Additional Users

You can invite additional users and control their level of access to the CSP to assist with submitting invoices and monitoring purchase orders.

Step 1: Go To Navigation Bar > Admin > Users > Invite User


The below window will pop-up to help you control the permissions for the new user. NOTE: Email addresses created in Coupa are globally unique. They can only be used once for registration or new invitation. As per below, permissions can be configured by admin/initial user.


Invited users receive an email similar to the invitation you originally received and will be asked to create their own unique password.


Change date format from US to AU

Once you have created the E-Invoice set up, you may need to change the date format from US to AU. To do this:

  • Click on ‘Invoices’ in the navigation bar (top)
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page
  • Click on the blue edit button marked A
  • Select English Australia (only need to do this one time – may be user specific)



This email address is to be used ‘Only’ for training or Coupa system issues. For Support please email: