Spray gun cleaner

Cleanaway’s spray cleaning services are cost effective equipment that use reprocessed thinner to clean spray guns.

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Cleanaway's spray gun cleaners

Spray gun cleaning services

Cleanaway provides a complete cleaning solution for spray painters with a professional range of gunwash machine and equipment maintenance services.

Our spray equipment cleaning solutions are easy and cost-effective tools that efficiently save cleaning time.

  • Cleans spray guns to a professional standard
  • Uses clean and re-circulated thinners in the cleaning process
  • Are quickly cleaned and ready for reuse
  • Uses longer lasting thinner for fewer replacements and lower waste disposal costs
  • Are easy to use with foot operated controls

Cleanaway also has solvent based cleaners available.

Spray gun cleaning maintenance

Servicing and maintenance are available for all types of water-based spray booths and supply of new filters for dry booths. We also offer:

  • Machine installation and set up
  • Supply of clean thinners
  • Removal of waste paint residue and used thinner in line with EPA requirements
  • Filter system cleaning
  • Machine cleaning, checks and repairs

Spray gun cleaning in action

Cleanaway’s spray equipment ensure that paints and solvents are washed and collected in proper manner so the wastewater does not run into the sewer. As a specialised tool to clean spray guns, our cleaners can wash spray guns in a matter of seconds.

Wash the outside of the gun
Gun is clean within seconds

Key customers

Automotive workshops

Workshops that use a lot of paint and spray material have to clean and dispose their wastewater in an environmentally sustainable way.


Construction workers and house painters benefit from our spray gun cleaning services by having a dedicated washing equipment for their spray tools.

Why choose Cleanaway

Expert teams

Our services are delivered by expert personnel and supported by a network of state-of-the-art assets

Resource recovery

We make sure that related waste is collected, disposed, recovered and recycled wherever possible.


The safety of your staff and our teams is our top priority.

Total waste management solutions

We provide a suite of equipment services and solutions that improve the efficiency and quality of site operations.

More solutions for Cleanaway Equipment Services

Our specialised industrial equipment cleaning services provide high quality cleaning for workshops of all sizes.
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