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National Recycling Week 2019: #BreakItDown for better recycling


This National Recycling Week, we're encouraging you to 'break down' everyday items into recycling, general waste, food waste and soft plastic to stop contamination and maximise recycling.

Learn more about the five materials that can always be recycled in our "Recycling Basics" page, watch our video tutorial to learn the basics of source separation and download our #BreakItDown guide to better recycling for quick and simple ways you can improve your recycling skills through fun recycling trivia, puzzles and educational resources.

Learn how to separate everyday items for better recycling


Did you know that over $300 million worth of recycling is lost every year, most of it due to contamination in the recycling bin? Contamination occurs when food, liquids and materials outside of the designated waste stream are placed in the bin.

By separating each material before disposal, you ensure that the right items are placed in the right bin every single time.

Watch our video tutorial to learn how to 'break down' your everyday items for better recycling outcomes and share with everyone you know. 

Simply5 It!

If you're ever confused at the recycling bin, this is the perfect resource for you.

What's in the bin?

Still confused about recycling? Here are a few golden rules everyone should know.

#waroncontamination - Bin rules

Follow these simple rules to keep contamination out of your bin and ensure your recyclables get recycled.

Your everyday guide to better recycling


The #BreakItDown ebook is a simple and easy-to-use recycling guide to help you decide how to recycle your waste. Packed with recycling tips, tricks and trivia, our ebook is perfect for families, offices, schools and anyone looking to understand the basics of source separation for next level recycling.

The ebook also includes fun and educational puzzles and test your knowledge sheets with answers included and is suitable for all ages. Discover how you can improve your recycling today!