Eco Champs can! Recycle for the future

National Recycling Week 2020: Eco Champs can!

This National Recycling Week, we're offering industry-leading recycling education resources to help you make the right choices at the bin. Being an Eco Champ means knowing exactly what an item is made of and how to dispose of it correctly to avoid contaminating the recycling bin with materials that don't belong. It also means making sustainable choices when out on a shop, and going the extra mile to find ways to recycle beyond the kerbside bin.

Our recycling toolkits for communities, local government, educators and businesses are packed with the latest education resources such as ebooks, social media graphics, activity sheets, case studies and more. Download your Eco Champs can! recycling toolkit below.

Eco Champs recycle for the future

We've come a long way since we started recycling 40 years ago. Recycling technology can now recover resources from food waste, green waste, and dry waste to name a few, and beneficially reuse them to create energy or in the manufacturing process.

When recycled material is reused in the manufacturing process, a circular economy is created. Apart from saving precious natural resources from being used, a circular economy stimulates the local economy, and creates jobs. It all begins with putting the right things in the right bin, so that every material has the best chance of being recycled every single time.

Watch our video to learn more, then use the tutorials for tips on how to dispose of your everyday items for better recycling outcomes.

Simply5 It!

If you're ever confused at the recycling bin, this is the perfect resource for you.

What's in the bin?

Still confused about recycling? Here are a few golden rules everyone should know.

#waroncontamination - Bin rules

Follow these simple rules to keep contamination out of your bin and ensure your recyclables get recycled.

Eco Kids can!

Our activity sheets are perfect for families,  schools and anyone looking for fun and educational puzzles. Discover how you can improve your recycling today!

Knuckle Game

Eco Champs Can

Toy Waste Truck

Knuckle Game

Eco Champs Can

Toy Waste Truck