Engine Oil Filter Recycling

Cleanaway's engine oil filter recycling can extract the leftover oil in filters to maximise resource recovery.

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Recycling used oil filters

Waste oil and oil filters are an unavoidable part of the process for mechanics and automotive workshops but all those materials don’t need to go to waste.

Cleanaway offers engine oil filter recycling, where oil filters go on to be reprocessed into next life products like household appliances and storage tins. This process also collects oil for reprocessing into base oils. We also have automotive waste oil collection and recycling services that turn waste oil into customer-specific oils, or to be used in lubricant manufacture.

Engine oil filter recycling management

Our Cleanaway Equipment Services (CES) provide workshop waste solutions, including collection and used oil filter recycling.

Cleaning and extraction
Baled and recycled

Key customers

Automotive workshops

Turn used oil filters into new materials.

Manufacturing and engineering

Minimise waste and maximise landfill diversion easily.

Why choose Cleanaway 

Achieve your sustainability goals

Our total waste management services ensure you meet your sustainability goals.

Scheduled for your convenience

Our scheduled waste collections help keep your sites operating efficiently and safely.

Divert waste from landfill easily

Your waste oil and used oil filters are always recovered and recycled, diverting waste from landfill effectively.

Total waste management

We provide a suite of services and solutions that can help improve the quality of site operations.

More solutions for Waste Oil

Oil recycling and re-refining automotive waste oil is the best way to reuse lubricating and other motor oils, reducing our reliance on virgin crude oil.
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