Physical Plant Waste Management

Cleanaway offers tailored mechanical plant waste disposal solutions for hazardous and regulated waste.

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Industrial plant waste and solutions

Our solutions for mechanical plants include actively identifying and developing solutions for reducing and reusing waste in the facility, from recycling wastewater to decontaminating hazardous materials from waste streams.

Physical plant waste management may range from industrial waste from raw material processing to energy generation and even waste oil used on machineries. Each plant is different, requiring tailored solutions to manage waste and services effectively, minimise harm to the environment and comply with all local and regional regulations, without interfering with operations.

Mechanical plant waste disposal

Some plants may require specialised hazardous waste processing onsite. Others may require customised collections and machinery to be compliant with special regulations. Cleanaway has the purpose-built fleet, inhouse specialists and extensive knowledge of your industry to meet your specific needs.

Consultation and inspection
Scheduled maintenance and delivery
Post-service inspection
Waste processing
Certification upon completion

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Oil and gas

Cleanaway can provide specialised waste collection, processing, treatment and disposal of all solid and liquid waste generated by your refinery and processing facilities.


From spills to general waste and recycling to onsite facilities management, we can tailor our services to fit your business needs, operations and production schedule.

Why choose Cleanaway 

Tailored services

Customised and timely industrial plant waste and solution for your business.

Full compliance

Compliant with all local regulations and requirements.

More solutions for Hazardous Regulated Waste

A reliable hazardous waste solutions provider is key to minimising risks to your staff, site and the environment.
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