Concrete and Demolition Debris Recycling

Recovering resources from concrete and demolition waste.

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Maximise concrete waste recovery

Cleanaway offers EPA-approved concrete disposal and recycling services. We accept a variety of demolition debris including broken bricks, concrete, tiles and rubble.

In addition to our resource recovery services, we also provide crushed concrete aggregate, product sales and delivery including:

  • Crusher dust
  • 5mm, 10mm, 20mm, 40mm, 40/70mm, 70mm aggregates
  • Roadbases
  • Scalps
  • Soils
  • Clean fill

What happens to concrete waste after collection?

Cleanaway collects concrete waste from your site and sends it to our resource recovery facilities to be sorted from other recyclable materials like wood or plastic. Recycled concrete is commonly used as gravel for new road construction projects and in the construction of new buildings.

Repurposed construction waste is a cheaper alternative to quarry-based materials particularly for concrete drive and path foundations. By recycling construction waste, we promote markets for usable products and effectively create a closed loop for construction materials.

In addition to our resource recovery and disposal services we also provide:

  • Legally compliant asbestos collection and disposal
  • Contaminated soil management
  • Truck hire and specialised transport services

Key customers

Construction and engineering

Our concrete and demolition collection service can reduce waste sent to landfill and improve your business’ resource recovery rates.

Government and local government

Dry concrete and demolition debris can be turned into new concrete aggregates and roadbase materials.

Why choose Cleanaway


Our total waste management services ensure you meet your sustainability goals.

Improve business efficiency

Our scheduled waste collections help keep your sites operating efficiently and safely.

Maximise landfill diversion

Your concrete waste is always recovered and recycled, effectively diverting waste from landfill.

Total waste management

We provide a suite of services and solutions that can help improve the efficiency and quality of site operations.

More solutions for Construction, Demolition Waste

Building, renovating and demolishing projects produce a lot of waste that can be recovered from landfill. We collect, dispose of and recycle construction, demolition and engineering waste for projects of all shapes, scales and sizes.
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