Schools and universities

Cleanaway offers comprehensive waste management solutions to the education sector including primary and secondary schools, universities and other tertiary institutions.

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Schools and universities waste solutions

We offer schools, universities and college campus waste solutions that are more than just general waste collection. All across Australia, we partner with the education sector for tailored waste management solutions designed with your sustainability targets in mind.

We do this by offering regular waste health checks that investigate waste streams and the potential to increase diversion. By working with you to analyse the waste streams produced, we are able to make improvements in the way waste is managed, with a view to increasing waste management efficiency while saving costs.

We also provide education programs for staff and students to ensure proper disposal habits, decrease recycling contamination and ultimately increase sustainability rates.

The breadth of our waste management solutions ensures that we are your one-stop school, university and college campus waste solutions provider, managing all your waste management needs from recycling to bathroom hygiene.


For waste management in schools, an organics bin or a compost heap can help supplement classroom lessons about decomposition in nature. It can also help save on costs by reducing the weight of the general waste bin and minimising contamination in the commingled bin. Talk to us today to learn more.