E-waste and Hard Drive Destruction

Cleanaway provides safe and secure destruction and recycling of e-waste, including hard drives, computers, and monitors, according to all relevant regulations.

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Safe and secure e-waste recycling

Cleanaway provides e-waste collection and recycling services for businesses of all sizes. E-waste should not be sent to landfill as it contains toxic and hazardous materials such as lead and mercury.

E-waste is any electrical and electronic waste that depends on electric currents or electromagnetic fields to function, including:

  • Consumer electronics such as audio and visual devices
  • IT devices such as laptops, desktops, printers, and webcams
  • General kitchen appliances such as microwave ovens, fridges, and induction stoves
  • Lighting devices such as lamps
  • Power tools

The only way to protect your sensitive electronic data from being exposed is to ensure the physical destruction of the actual hard drive (HDD). We accept any form of electronic media including:

  • USB sticks/drives
  • CDs and DVDs
  • Computers, laptops, printers, microfiche
  • Video tapes, films, cassettes

To prevent data breach and unauthorised access to your data, Cleanaway’s hard drive destruction service and secure data destruction ensure sensitive data is completely destroyed, not just deleted.

Recovering materials from e-waste

When disposed of correctly, e-waste can be recovered for reuse and hazardous materials can be properly handled. Cleanaway has the capability to help you recover resources from your e-waste while ensuring the highest levels of confidentiality and discretion. 


Key customers

IT retailers

Safe and secure e-waste destruction including complete hard drive data destruction and resource recovery.

Health and aged care facilities

Safeguard customer and patient privacy and security with our secure e-waste destruction services.

Why choose Cleanaway 

Reliable and trustworthy service

All staff undergo a background check to ensure eligibility and service fit.

Scheduled for your convenience

Conform your collection schedule to your business needs and requirements.

Maximise landfill diversion

Recycle your e-waste without compromising data security and requirements.

Integrated waste management solutions

Comprehensive waste management solutions for all aspects of your business.

Our Prize Assets

Our fully-licensed facilities feature unique, state-of-the-art technology delivering an impressive scale and quality of resource recovery capability. Learn more about our Prized Infrastructure and Technology for the Future.

More solutions for E-waste Recycling

Cleanaway offers electronics waste collection solutions that are compliant with local regulations.
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