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Cleanaway’s food waste collection and recycling service can help you achieve your sustainability goals and reduce your waste to landfill.

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Total food and organic waste management

Food waste is one of the most under-recycled waste streams, commonly going into general waste instead of being recovered as a nutrient-rich resource. With our food waste bins and collection solutions, you can:

  • Increase sustainability rates
  • Improve landfill diversion rates
  • Reduce cost of general waste service by removing wet, heavy organic matter from general waste bins
  • Contribute to high quality composts, premium soils, soil conditioners and potting mixes that can be used for land rehabilitation and soil improvement

Cleanaway will partner with you to reduce the amount of unsold, expired or contaminated food waste generated, dispose of it responsibly and turn it into new resources, creating a win-win situation. We can also provide a confidential and secure service that helps to manage your business reputation while recovering as much resource as possible.

Cleanaway offers comprehensive food waste management solutions for all business sizes. From waste audits to determine the biggest opportunities to improving your organic waste disposal processes, we can help improve your sustainability rates without compromising your business goals.

Acceptable items for food waste collection and recycling include:

  • Bakery items
  • Grains and pasta
  • Dairy products
  • Egg shells
  • Coffee grounds and tea bags
  • Fruit and vegetable scraps
  • Flowers and herbs

How food waste collection and recycling works

Our inhouse experts will work together with you to conduct waste audits, audits and workshops. This helps us spot waste management inefficiencies and identify possible new waste streams to improve sustainability rates and goals. Cleanaway then collects the food waste and transports it to our EPA-accredited facilities with our fleet of purpose-built vehicles. The organic material collected is stored onsite in bulk storage tanks to be assessed and readied for application.

This nutrient-rich material is then processed and given a second lease on life as energy, compost and liquid fertilisers, contributing to a genuine closed loop economy that delivers value at every stage in the supply chain.

Waste audit/segregation
Collection and transportation
Processing and recycling
Fertiliser by-products

Key customers


Cleanaway offers a full organics service that can minimise waste sent to landfill, extracting resources from nutrient-rich waste.

Hotels, restaurants and food and beverage manufacturers

Our organics waste services recovers nutrient-rich waste from your kitchens to be turned into beneficial soil conditioners, closing the loop on organic waste.

Vy Vy Bakery, Melbourne

My experience with Cleanaway has been professionally amazing! Joel’s customer service has been top-notch. If there’s anything I need or something I don’t understand, it’s handled swiftly by the team. The prices are affordable. We are very pleased with everything they have to offer. Definitely recommend them to everyone for their waste services. We are very happy customers!

Why choose Cleanaway

Largest network in Australia

Leverage on the largest network of strategically placed collection, storage and processing facilities.

100% compliant

Fully compliant fleet and EPA-compliant service with associated EPA documentation provided.

Closed loop solution

Our services are part of a closed loop, giving you peace of mind that your waste gets a new lease on life.

Fully accredited

Cleanaway is certified to ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environment) and AS 4801 (OHS) standards, helping to reduce your risk profile.

More solutions for Organic Waste

Cleanaway offers sustainable collection, disposal and recycling services for all your organic waste.
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