Wastewater Management

We can help you create, maintain and adjust your industrial wastewater treatment process to suit your business needs and local restrictions with minimal environmental impact.

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Wastewater management services

Wastewater is water that contains human or animal metabolic waste from commercial activities such as food and agriculture, irrigation and commercial shipping. Wastewater management includes the separating, collecting, treating, storing, reuse and disposal of wastewater.

Improper wastewater management can have a negative impact on the environment and human health and should always be disposed of according to regulations.

Cleanaway works hard to foster best-practice wastewater management services. From helping businesses improve their industrial wash water treatment process to installing and maintaining wash water treatment systems, we can help your business maximise the use of your wash water and identify efficiencies to minimise waste.

Our wastewater treatment system includes:

  • Grey water collection, transport and treatment
  • Soil and water monitoring
  • Land suitability assessment
  • Environmental planning
  • Documentation and lodgement
  • Audits
  • Effluent management plans
  • Biosolids research and market surveys
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping of end use sites
  • Stakeholder engagement and community consultation
  • Year-round logistics management of organics transport
  • Spreading and injecting services for biosolids and other organic by-products

Wastewater treatment system servicing

We treat wastewater using a variety of methods, depending on the source of the waste. This includes centrifugal dewatering and water deionisation.

The deionisation process filters water through tanks and processes it using ion exchange resins to remove dissolved heavy metals from rinses and other wastewaters to enable closed loop water recycling.

Dewatering is the separation of solids through a combination of centrifugal force and polymer dosing. Solids are separated from the water and are then pumped out. The water is then transferred into tanks where the process is repeated to ensure the removal of all organic pollutants. Once water has been fully treated, it can be returned to the environment or used in irrigation applications.

We can also build and run onsite treatment plants for your wastewater, sludge, oily water and water recycling. Cleanaway can also station onsite staff at your premises, as required by your business needs.

Pre-service inspection
Maintenance and inspection

Key customers

Food and beverage industry

Our wastewater treatment can help recover the liquid waste from manufacturing and turn it into beneficial soil conditioners.

Mining industry

Our wastewater systems may help your business extract more resources from your wastewater while reducing contamination and effluents. 

Case study

Our team in Cairnes organised the seamless removal of 40,000 litres of grey water during routine maintenance for the Coral Discoverer. Since the ship was not docked at the wharf, we attached a hose that crossed over the first vessel and to the actual ship we worked on. We needed in excess of 70 metres of hose length running across the width of two vessels to reach the desired location – making this quite a challenging task!

The crew at Coral Expeditions were extremely impressed with results and how our service saved them many manhours that would have been lost if the vessel was taken off shore. We look forward to working with the Coral Expeditions team on their next project – servicing the Coral Adventurer to remove 100,000 litres of grey water.

Why choose Cleanaway 

Tailored service and advice

Suited to your business needs, budget and schedule.

Specialised fleet

Fully compliant fleet for collection and processing.

Maximise landfill diversion

Reduce waste sent to landfill.

Total waste management

We offer total waste management solutions to support all your waste needs.

More solutions for Liquid Waste Management

From septic waste to wastewater, coolants and drum waste, we have the expertise and facilities to manage your liquid waste safely, securely and in compliance with safety and environmental requirements.
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