Clear Plastic Wrap and Polystyrene Recycling

When plastics like cling film, pallet wrap and polystyrene are separated and clean of contaminants, they can be turned into new plastics at a third of the cost.

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Soft plastic recycling

Watch the second life of soft plastics.  

Soft or flexible plastics are plastics that can be scrunched into a ball or broken by hand, and may include business packaging waste such as shrink wrap, bubble wrap, or large plastic bags. These plastics do not belong in your commingled recycling bin, whether at home or at work, and must be collected through specialised soft plastics collection and recycling services.

Cleanaway can identify all your plastic waste types and recommend recycling soft plastics solution tailor-made for your business, including a detailed waste stream assessment, customised bins, and flexible collection services.

The most common types of clear plastic wrap and polystyrene recyclable accepted* are:

LDPE (low-density polyethylene) 

LDPE is a very versatile plastic. In packaging, it is used primarily as pallet wrap, shrink wrap and stretch wrap. The highest quality LDPE for recycling is clean and clear. This material is common in packaging of imported goods, furniture, IT and communications equipment and transport pallets. Clear plastic wrap recycling in Australia turns these materials into a wide variety of material including polar fleece, furniture and more.

Clear plastic recycling in Australia

Our soft plastic recycling service collects pallet wrap, shrink film and other plastic packaging in a customised bin that is sent to our specialist facilities for processing into new products.

Plastic waste collected by Cleanaway is sorted, baled and sent to recycling plants for washing and shredding. The shredded plastics are then sorted using a floatation process.

Once sorted, the waste is turned into pellets and powder. These are sent to manufacturers to be moulded and cast into new plastic products and packaging such as new containers, wheelie bins, guideposts and even irrigation pipes.

Individuals, households and businesses that do not produce enough soft plastic for a dedicated service can take soft plastics to major supermarkets to be recycled.


Key customers

Retail industry

When kept dry and separate from other waste, clear plastic wrap from retail businesses makes for a higher grade of recyclable.

Logistic companies

Clear plastic wrap such as shrink wrap and pallet wrap can be separated and placed in a dedicated bin for easy recycling.

Why choose Cleanaway

Cost effective

Sending waste to landfill can come at a high price. Save money by recycling more and reducing the volume of your general waste bin.

Your waste health check

Our waste audits and regular reports can help you identify business efficiency and landfill diversion opportunities, minimising wastage and bin contamination.

Frequency of service

Pickups can be arranged weekly, fortnightly, monthly or at any other frequency that suits your business.

Integrated waste management solutions

We offer a total waste management solution, providing you with one account manager, one invoice and consistent, reliable services.

More solutions for General Waste and Recycling

Businesses can divert more waste from landfill and improve sustainability rates with tailored general waste and recycling management.
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