Making a Sustainable Future Possible

Our mission is to make a sustainable future possible – for our people, our customers, the communities where we work, our investors and our planet. We are committed to the triple bottom line of sustainability that delivers a financially strong and resilient business, contributes to a thriving and healthy population through employment and community engagement, and leads our industry to protect our planet for generations to come.

Cleanaway is a market leader - not just in delivering integrated total waste management solutions. We lead our industry to lift our standards around environmental protection and regulatory compliance, as an employer of choice and in generating superior value and sustainable solutions for our customers.

PMAF is our strategy for best in class management of our people, markets and assets that lead to sustainability and strong financial performance. Click the People, Earth, Market, Assets and Finance buttons on the left to see this strategy in action.
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Sustainable Future Newsroom
All the latest news, articles, case-studies, and videos from Cleanaway. Check out our community work, find out about the latest industry news, and learn how you can contribute to making a sustainable future possible.