2021 Cleanaway Recycling Behaviours Report

Recycling Behaviours Report

Bridging the gap

Australians are keen to do good by the environment and each other. Yet our recycling collection and quality remain low. Our Recycling Behaviour Report has identified that misconceptions and lack of information as main factors for the gap.

There are several consistent factors why kerbside recycling in Australia is not as high as it should be, from small error in recycling practices to constantly changing and confusing guidelines to distrust in the recycling system. The key towards overcoming this is education.

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Key Australian behaviour insights

Are Australians recycling correctly?

Common misconceptions

Conflicting and out of date information is one of the key reasons why recycling quality and rates are low. Reason include:

In practice

During a sorting task, Australians revealed gaps in knowledge and understanding of the recycling process. Here's how they did:

What motivates recyclers

What's the solution?

Greenius is a free online learning portal dedicated towards helping Australians maximise their kerbside waste services. Recycling and waste infromation is sorted by state and focuses on the best practices available. Watch the video below to learn more.