2021 Cleanaway Recycling Behaviours Report



2021 Cleanaway Recycling Behaviours Report

Australians are keen to do good by the environment and each other by recycling right. Yet recycling collections and quality remain low. The 2021 Cleanaway Recycling Behaviours Report has identified that confusion and clarity of information as main factors for the gap.

Parents too, find it difficult to teach and share sustainability knowledge with their children. As children's views on sustainability and recycling largely mirror their parents, addressing this gap is critical not just for this generation, but for generations to come.

Greenius is the leading recycling and sustainability e-learning platform for Australians, designed to bridge this gap and is freely accessible on PCs, mobiles and tablet devices.

Learn more about Australia's recycling behaviours by downloading the report in the link below.

The good news?

89% of Australians believe that recycling is important. At least 88% practice at least one sustainability habit, such as using reusable shopping bags, composting food scraps and reduce single use plastic.


But what's the issue?