Cleanaway Recycling Behaviours Report

Is recycling right a priority for Australians?

Most Australians believe that recycling is important, and are motivated towards helping the environment and minimising waste sent to landfill. However, our second Recycling Behaviours Report reveals that for many, confusion and misconceptions about the recycling process are barriers towards proper recycling practices.

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If you're looking for ways to improve or test your recycling knowledge, visit Greenius, Cleanaway's e-learning platform, that helps families, kids and teachers maximise their kerbside bin services and improve recycling practices. The animations, quizzes and content are designed to make recycling easy to understand and fun for recyclers of all ages. It sits within the Recycling Hub, which offers additional information on improving recycling and sustainability habits, as well as a directory of common household items and how best to dispose or recycle them.

How important is recycling to us?

Quote from report saying

But we can do better

Many well-intentioned recyclers are still making mistakes.

What will help us recycle better?

The survey uncovered a number of measures Australians believe would improve their recycling, including clearer product labelling, consistent information and a better understanding of the recycling process.


The Recycling Hub

Is an item recyclable? Our Recycling Hub features a Recycling Directory that is constantly updated to help Australians answer the question of "which bin does it go in?" It also provides answers to the most common recycling questions, such as "where does my waste go?" and provides downloadable resources for teachers, parents and residents to learn more about their waste.

The good news 

Staying home during the pandemic marked a positive shift in our recycling behaviours.

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Previous reports

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Ready to improve your sustainability habits?

Visit the Cleanaway Recycling Hub and check out our Recycling Directory to learn how to dispose and recycle common household items (with new additions all the time) or visit Greenius to learn more about maximising your kerbside services.