Oily Rags Disposal Service

Cleanaway provides a safe and regulatory-compliant collection, disposal and recovery service for oily rags.

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Oily rags waste disposal service

Rags contaminated with oil waste and other hazardous chemicals must be stored and disposed of safely due to their flammable nature. Oily rags should be placed in a metal bin, which is then filled with water all the way to the top before sealing the bin securely to prevent oxidation, which can cause combustion.

Cleanaway offers a comprehensive oily rag waste collection service, including colour-coded oily rag recycling bins to make it easy to sort the waste for recycling.

We offer scheduled and ad hoc collection services for your convenience, complemented with electronic tracking for monitoring. We can help you manage your Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) obligations by providing correctly labelled waste receptacles and recovering the oil wherever possible.

Oily rags recycling service

When sorted and disposed of properly, the oil from the rag can be extracted and turned into new base and fuel oils, closing the loop on waste oil.

Oily rags are collected by our specialist fleet of vehicles, then taken to our treatment facilities. Here, contaminants are identified and rags that contain oil are extracted to be recycled. Rags now free of oil will be sent to landfill.


Key customers

Automotive workshops

Comprehensive and streamlined disposal and collection process for workshops of all sizes.

Manufacturing and engineering

Secure and compliant waste oil and parts washer workshop services for any business.

Why choose Cleanaway 

Clearly distinguishable bins for easy sorting

Colour-coded, easy to identify bins for quick waste sorting and disposal.

Scheduled for your convenience

Scheduled and ad hoc waste collection services available.

Electronic tracking for full compliance

Track waste electronically.

Compliant with all regulations

Compliant with local and state legislations.

More solutions for Waste Oil

Recycling and re-refining waste oil is the best way to reuse lubricating and other motor oils, reducing our reliance on virgin oil.
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