Diversity and Inclusion Policy

An inclusive and diverse workforce

At Cleanaway, our workforce is made up of people with diverse values, backgrounds, skills, experiences and needs.

We value diversity and inclusion and recognise the benefits they bring to our company, customers and other key stakeholders.

Our Diversity and Inclusion Policy Statement and the supporting processes are aimed at creating a culture where our employees understand that each individual is unique and that embracing diversity makes us more flexible, productive, creative and competitive.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion extends to all areas of our business, including recruitment, selection and appointment to roles, training and development, remuneration and reward, retention of employees, forms of leave and flexible working arrangements, succession planning and company policies and procedures.

You can view our Diversity and Inclusion Policy Statement in full here. You can view our Workplace Gender Equality Act (WGEA) report for 2020 in full here. To view our D&I Engagement plan, please click here.

Cleanaway’s Reconciliation Action Plan is our commitment to building understanding and respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture. We recently placed Acknowledgement of Country plaques across our sites, recognising the traditional custodians of the land on which we operate.

Pillars for success

Our Diversity and Inclusion Engagement Plan is built on three pillars which will ensure we continue to grow and nurture a diverse workforce by increasing representation of difference and improving inclusiveness across the business. This includes attracting, retaining and developing key talent within Cleanaway while balancing meritocracy, fairness and equality. The three pillars are underpinned by a commitment from our leadership team to a genuine and pragmatic approach to diversity and inclusion. This will be governed and continuously reviewed by Cleanaway’s Diversity and Inclusion Working Group.

ENGAGEMENT Stronger Together

Our Stronger Together value speaks to the strength and resilience our business achieves by leveraging the diversity of experience, background, education and perspective from across our workforce. By promoting awareness, increasing education and communicating different stories of diversity within our business and to our stakeholders, we will improve inclusivity and the recognition of our company as an employer of choice.

WORKFORCE PROFILE Demographics & Female Participation

Our diversity and inclusion focus considers our workforce profile from the perspective of our demographics – multi-cultural / ethnic diversity and age as well as our current focus of female participation. The aim is to create a greater awareness and appreciation of our already diverse workplace and demonstrate inclusiveness through recruiting, developing and retaining a workforce that reflects the make-up of the Australian.


Cleanaway is committed to providing training and development opportunities as well as introducing formal reward and recognition for inclusive behaviours. Cleanaway supports fair and merit based career opportunities for employees to progress within the enterprise. Cleanaway is committed to providing employment opportunities through education and work experience. We will develop practical training programs that engage a broad cross section of people from the community.


The Cleanaway D&I Working Group are volunteering or nominated employees whose roles cover a broad scope of the enterprise. The Working Group is sponsored by the EGM – Human Resources and the General Counsel & Company Secretary. The Group is responsible for implementing our diversity and inclusion vision and policies, for advising on diversity and inclusion needs, and ultimately to progress diversity and inclusion initiatives throughout our business.If you wish to volunteer or nominate an employee for the Working Group, please contact the Head of HR Services.