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Cleanaway Daniels offers safe and sustainable pharmaceutical waste disposal and treatment solutions for the healthcare industry.

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The world’s safest pharmaceutical management system

Pharmaceutical waste includes expired, unused, spilt and contaminated or hazardous pharmaceutical products, drugs and vaccines. The pharmaceutical waste stream includes residual medicines which may be contained in:

  • Partly emptied bottles or glass vials
  • Prescription drugs (hard capsule or tablet medication)
  • Broken ampoules
  • Drawing up needles
  • Connecting tubing

All pharmaceutical waste are discarded carefully to prevent tampering, theft and risk of infection to patients and healthcare workers.

Setting a new industry benchmark in safe pharmaceutical waste collection, containment and disposal, Cleanaway Daniels’ pharmaceutical waste management collection systems are the first of their kind designed to mitigate unnecessary risk for healthcare practitioners and the public in the handling of pharmaceutical waste. The P22 Pharmasmart and P64 Pharmasmart solutions form part of a safeguarded waste journey that eliminates tampering, pillaging and misappropriation of discarded pharmaceuticals.

Safeguarding pharmaceutical waste from cradle to grave

As guardians of your cradle to grave waste responsibility, we take every precautionary step to ensure that you are protected in the handling and disposal of drugs, medicines, controlled substances and drug disposal services. Through our partnership we commit to:

  • Ensuring each of our facilities has EPA approval in the storage and handling of high risk wastes
  • Maintaining 24 hour CCTV security across our sites to safeguard against tampering or malpractice
  • Employing EPA compliant waste tracking processes
  • Providing clear colour coded identification labelling to aid segregation, with operational instruction and training of your staff to avert the risk of sizeable fines
  • Identifying potential security risks within your facility and providing appropriate accessories and/or additional locking to ensure safe practice

EPA compliance

EPA requirements in Australia mandate that all pharmaceutical waste must be clearly identified as a dedicated stream and be destroyed by high temperature incineration. In the breaking down of potentially harmful compounds into inert elements that cannot harm humans or the environment, the incineration process poses the least risk in drug, medicine and pharmaceutical destruction.

P22 Pharmasmart

The 13 safety-engineered features of the P22 make it the safest pharmaceutical waste collection unit in Australia. Designed with in-built tamper-proof locks which, when engaged, can only be released at a Cleanaway processing facility, the P22 Pharmasmart eliminates the risks associated with other pharmaceutical containers: unauthorised access to contents on site while awaiting collection and/or in transit.

The P22 is designed for ultimate versatility. Its content-concealing safety tray restricts visibility of contents and hand access to pharmaceuticals contained within, and an additional front lock on the collectors ensures patient safety if accessible in a public area. Understanding the varying healthcare environments and applications in which the container may be deployed, we designed a range of lockable brackets and trolleys to navigate mounting and movement within a medical facility, creating a security solution that extends beyond the container itself.

Ideally suited to drug draw-up/medication rooms and ward use, the P22 is the most versatile solution for low volume areas and healthcare environments that allow public access.

P64 Pharmasmart

Designed for higher volume areas such as drug dispensary areas and pharmacies, the P64 is best in class for pharmaceutical waste disposal in secure environments. Engineered with the same in-built locking features of the P22 container, the P64 Pharmasmart solves containment, transport and disposal risks, and its wide access geometry opening gives it greater versatility for bulk disposal of pharmaceuticals. For use in a public or less secure environment, we recommend an additional front lock which restricts public access to container contents.

Understanding the varying medical environments and applications in which the container may be used, we designed a range of lockable brackets and trolleys to navigate mounting and movement within a medical environment, creating a security solution that extends beyond the container itself.

Ideally suited to pharmacies that need disposal of bulk expired pharmaceuticals, the P64 gives increased volume capacity without sacrificing security. As a safety-engineered device, the P64 protects contents through the complete cycle of containment, transport and destruction.

Pharmaceutical waste journey

The Pharmasmart pharmaceutical waste disposal system has been designed to ensure no waste is bagged or decanted. This in turn eliminates risk during handling and transfer of all pharmaceutical waste.

Container delivery
Secure transportation
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Healthcare facilities

We are Australia’s leading medical waste management partner for pharmacies, clinics and other medical services providers.

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We offer safe disposal and treatment of any pharmaceutical by-product or waste.

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Safe, disposable, puncture and tamper resistant containers

Our patented containers ensure secure containment and disposal of all pharmaceutical waste.

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EPA-compliant service with associated EPA documentation provided.

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You can rely on our professional and proficient staff to advise and assist you on your pharmaceutical waste collection, storage and transport.

Reduce impact

Our services are designed to reduce environmental impact.

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We are Australia’s leading provider of medical waste services, making a safer, sustainable future possible for the healthcare sector.
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