Waste solutions for agriculture and the food and beverage manufacturing industries

Cleanaway’s end-to-end solutions for agricultural and food manufacturing industries.

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Industry overview

The waste generated by the agricultural and food manufacturing industries in Australia represents a significant opportunity to divert organic waste from landfill while beneficially repurposing organic by-products.

Our farm industry waste management solutions include turning different organic materials into new resources such as biosolids, compost and soil conditioners. Organic waste can also be turned into power. Chicken fat and grease can be processed into biodiesel to power farm vehicles, while drum waste can be processed and recycled into new drums and materials.

Wastewater from the food manufacturing industry can be recycled and repurposed for other uses in the same plant as part of an effective food and beverage sector waste management strategy.

Food organics recovery can be challenging due to the low value of recovered materials, onsite handling, storage and collection difficulties, which complicates food and beverage sector waste management. Our extensive network of resource recovery assets and specialised fleet of collection vehicles ensure that we can provide you with the organics recovery service most suited to your industry.


When sorted and separated properly, the organic waste from the food and beverage manufacturing and waste management for agriculture industries can be turned into a beneficial soil conditioner that works wonders for the land, making zero organic waste to landfill possible.