Drain, Sewer, Tank and Pipeline Cleaning Services

Comprehensive drain cleaning services and sewerage pipe cleaning for businesses of all sizes. We do regular system inspections to ensure drainage systems are free of blockages.

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Drain cleaning services

Drainage systems should be checked for blockages at least once a year. There are multiple factors that could cause a clogged pipe. Some of these include large objects getting stuck in the system, overuse due to extensions being added or simply the condition of the pipes due to age. Road drainage systems are particularly vulnerable due to dirt and traffic. As a storm drain cleaning contractor, we also offer the relevant services to prevent and clear potential blockages.

Cleanaway also provides drainage cleaner services for commercial and industrial purposes. We offer a comprehensive high pressure cleaning service tailored to your specific industrial application, such as acid plants, manufacturing facilities, oil refineries and construction utilities. High pressure water minimises fatigue on the pipe cleaned, providing an environmentally friendly and cost-effective method of cleaning drains.

Our drain and sewerage cleaning services can be combined with a rooter service to remove damaging tree roots. The cost of the service can vary depending on where the blockage is and ease of system access.

Wide range of services

Rooter (root cutting) service

Cleanaway’s rooter service (root cutting) utilises a high pressure water and rotating cutting head system to remove roots and similar blockages from your drain system. This lets us remove roots, foreign objects and other build-up in a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly manner with little to no damage to existing structures.

CCTV services

Our CCTV services use remote-controlled cameras to inspect pipes for blockages, damages and normal inspection, particularly for storm water and septic drainage inspections before and after service. We also have a smaller hand feed CCTV that is suited for smaller drains and sewerage pipes.

Culvert, road drainage and pollution trap surveying

We also offer culvert, road drainage and pollution trap surveying as part of our regular cleaning contract for such systems. This allows us to document the cleaning process, submit reports to our customers, and identify the cause of blockages, before recommending a cleaning schedule around affected infrastructures.

Drain, sewer, tank and pipeline cleaning in action

Cleanaway’s industrial cleaning services can be deployed to your site when needed. Once your waste has been collected by our vacuum trucks, it will be sent to an EPA-compliant facility to be treated and all possible resources recovered.

Waste collection

Key customers

Heavy industry

Cleanaway is the leader in commercial drain cleaning and offers commercial sewer cleaning company services.

Municipal councils

Many municipal councils have benefitted from our drain cleaning services, unblocking sewerage and pipes that ensure safety, compliance and cleanliness.

Why choose Cleanaway

Specialist fleet and experienced experts

Our services are delivered by expert personnel and supported by a network of state-of-the-art assets.

Maximised resource recovery

We make sure that your waste is collected, disposed of, recovered and recycled wherever possible.

Tailored to your business needs

We understand your requirements and challenges and work together with you to develop tailored solutions to increase efficiencies, reduce downtime and costs.

Suite of complementary services

We provide a suite of services and solutions that can help improve the efficiency and quality of site operations.

More solutions for Industrial Cleaning Services

We have decades of experience providing industrial cleaning and maintenance services to help keep Australian industries operating smoothly.
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