Our Cleanaway Way

Our strategy to achieve our mission

At Cleanaway we have a very strong and clear strategy as we strive to achieve our Mission of making a sustainable future possible together. Our Cleanaway Way is our strategy on a page. It was designed to create a common language and narrative across the organisation and ensure we are aligned in our efforts to take our business from good to great. Following the acquisition and integration of the Toxfree and Daniels Health businesses, in addition to the organic growth we’ve experienced over the past four years, we’ve refreshed and  relaunched Our Cleanaway Way to better represent the business we are today. We are working hard to deliver on Our Mission – to make a sustainable future possible together – and make Our Vision a reality. 



Our Mission

Why we exist

Our Vision

What we want to be

Our Values

How we behave

Our Values guide how we behave. They shape our shared culture and form our collective identity. In short, they outline what’s
important to us, guide priorities and decision making, and importantly outline what we can expect of each other.

Our Operating Model

Where we create vs add value

Our Operating Model gives clarity on how we organise ourselves, providing agility whilst keeping everyone accountable for their
deliverables. Think of it like a game plan for a sports team – allowing everyone to play to their strengths, but giving us clarity
about roles, responsibilities and handover points.


Our Leadership Model

How we create a values based high performance culture

Our Leadership Model outlines what we expect of leaders at Cleanaway – and how we’re creating a values-based, high performance culture.
Across our three Cs, Commitment, Capability and Compatibility, we’ve updated the ‘Great 9’ competencies we
expect of all our leaders, both current and up and coming.

Strategic Pillars

People, Markets, Assets, Finance

Our foundational strategic pillars of People, Markets, and Assets give us clarity on what we need to be focused on every day. They
make up the centre circle of Our Cleanaway Way, detailing where we need to be disciplined in order to create leverage and build
a competitive advantage in the market. From that, we will get the strong Financial results and allow us to deliver on Our Mission
of making a sustainable future possible for all our stakeholders.

Our Cleanaway Way

Our strategy to achieve our mission

These toolkit items come together to form Our Cleanaway Way
our strategy on a page for the next part of our good to great journey.