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Safe and efficient anatomical waste disposal

Anatomical waste is any identifiable body part, but also includes pathological specimens, biopsy specimens and tissue taken during surgery or autopsy and/or resulting from investigation or treatment of a patient including:

  • Limbs
  • Organs
  • Placentas
  • Biopsy specimens
  • Pathological specimens
  • Body tissue from surgery, lab testing, autopsy and/or from investigation or treatment of a patient
  • Animals

Anatomical waste containers

We offer a range of single use and reusable containment systems for the collection of anatomical waste. Treated as a high sensitivity waste stream, it typically includes identifiable body parts, pathological specimens, biopsy specimens and human tissue and is incinerated in line with EPA and legislative requirements. We offer a range of 120 litre, 240 liter and 660 litre bins and single use pails for anatomical waste collection.

Sensitive waste handling

  • Locking bin options available to handle high sensitivity waste
  • All bins and labels colour-coded to ensure correct segregation and treatment
  • All sites monitored by 24-hour surveillance
  • Bins and single use pails for anatomical waste collection

Anatomical waste management system

Our anatomical waste disposal system has been formulated to ensure no waste is bagged or decanted. This in turn eliminates risk in waste transfer. The Clinismart containers then go through a rigorous quality control check where each container is inspected, tested and checked to be in 100% working order.

Container delivery
Secure transportation
Cleaning and decontamination
Quality control

Key customers


We are Australia’s leading medical waste management partner for hospitals, clinics and other medical services providers.

Research institutes/laboratories

We offer safe disposal and treatment of any anatomical by-product or waste.

Why choose Cleanaway

Safe, disposable, puncture and tamper resistant containers

Our patented containers ensure secure containment and disposal of all anatomical waste.

100% compliant

EPA compliant service with associated EPA documentation provided.

In-house experts

You can rely on our professional and proficient staff to advise and assist you on your anatomical waste collection, storage and transport.

End-to-end sustainable anatomical waste disposal partner

Our services are designed to reduce anatomical waste volumes and environmental impact.

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We are Australia’s leading provider of medical waste services, making a safer, sustainable future possible for the healthcare sector.
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