Contaminated Soil Pollution Remediation

Cleanaway has the expertise and equipment to treat hazardous soil and provide timely remediation services for contaminated and polluted soil.

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Contaminated soil remediation

Soil contamination is usually caused by past industrial activity, use of agricultural chemicals or disposal of waste. Some of the contaminants include heavy metals, Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs), asbestos, oily water and other hydrocarbons. Left unchecked, the contaminants may pollute the soil and damage the water table beneath.

Cleanaway can deliver safe, compliant and environmentally responsible solutions for effective contaminated solid waste disposal and soil remediation. These solutions include:

  • High and low temperature indirect Thermal Desorption™
  • Direct thermal destruction
  • Pyrolysis
  • Chemical stabilisation/solidification
  • Chemical oxidation
  • Bioremediation
  • Transportation and disposal of contaminated soil
  • Chemical fixation
  • Oil contaminated soil treatments

Contaminated soil treatment and disposal

Our contaminated soil remediation services include the assessment, project management and remediation of contaminated sites to regulatory requirements.

We offer a selection of innovative remediation methods to suit your specific requirements and the nature of contamination onsite. This may involve treatment in situ or excavation and removal of the contaminated soil for offsite treatment.

Through innovative treatment processes and technical expertise Cleanaway is capable of remediating sites contaminated with both organic and inorganic substances at all concentration levels.

Thermal remediation of contaminated soil involves the removal of contaminants from the soil matrix using Cleanaway’s patented Thermal Desorption™ or Thermal Destruction technologies with all soil remediated to reuse criteria.

Pre-service inspection
Post-service inspection

Key customers

Construction and demolition

Cleanaway can help identify and treat contamination and rehabilitate land to regulatory levels.

Local and state governments

Our contaminated soil disposal and treatment solutions can help rehabilitate soil to regulatory and residential requirements.

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Scheduled service

Timely service to fit your business needs.

Environmentally friendly

Sustainable treatment to minimise harm.

Specialised fleet and experienced personnel

Backed by expert fleet and inhouse specialists.

Certified for quality

Certified for all local and state regulatory requirements.

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A reliable hazardous waste solutions provider is key to minimising risks to your staff, site and the environment.
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