Blueprint 2030

Blueprint 2030 is our customer led evolution of the Footprint 2025 strategy.

In Blueprint 2030 we will create superior shareholder value by integrating and extending our leading network of infrastructure assets to provide high-circularity, low-carbon solutions, seamless service and value for money for our customers.

Our goal is to be recognised by our customers as the most innovative and sustainable waste management company, with industry-leading HSE performance.

Operating environment
The waste industry plays a key role in our transition to a low-carbon and high circularity world. Current trends and expectations, along with a supportive regulatory environment provides great opportunities for us to work together towards making a sustainable future possible.
  • Seeking cost-effective sustainable services with lower carbon footprint and improved circularity
  • Energy transition creating new waste streams
  • New technologies to reduce waste’s carbon footprint
  • Increasing expectations of waste management industry
  • Embracing new recycling initiatives
  • Emerging self-sufficiency trend
  • Increasing demand for recycled content
Underpinned by a supportive regulatory environment
Our pillars
Evolving from our previous Footprint 2025 which focused on creating a network of prized infrastructure assets while embedding a financial performance culture, Blueprint 2030 is based on a foundation of zero harm to people and the environment, with three key pillars of focus.
Our foundations – safety and environment
Strategic infrastructure growth
  • Invest strategically to extend our infrastructure and services platforms
  • Capture value from waste industry transition and decarbonisation
    • Energy from waste
    • Construction and demolition
    • Organics
    • Landfill optimisation
    • Core infrastructure expansion
    • Innovation
Sustainable customer solutions
  • Integrate our prized assets for circularity, carbon and seamless customer service
  • Grow our market share through delivery of value for money tailored customer solutions
    • Leadership in carbon and circularity
Operational excellence
  • Align our culture with our strategy and extend the performance culture to the frontline to deliver for today and improve for tomorrow
  • Work smarter through data and analytics as well as digitisation
    • LTS network optimisation
    • Hydrocarbons optimisation
    • Data and analytics
    • CustomerConnect
    • Fleet optimisation
    • Salesforce effectiveness
    • Operating model
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That will enable seamless, sustainable and value-for money customer solutions Solutions for customer
  • Seamless, innovative customer service enabled by digitisation and CustomerConnect
  • Tailored proposition for key accounts
  • Leverage our scale through route density, geographic coverage and proximity to infrastructure
  • Internalisation to provide competitive integrated cost base
  • Operating efficiency through digitisation and data analytics
  • Modern, high-quality and large scale automated infrastructure
  • Integrated infrastructure network to provide circular, low carbon solutions
  • In-house carbon expertise to decarbonise Cleanaway and support our customers
  • Focus on innovation to lead on new and improved ways to process waste