Solvent sinks for workshops and manufacturing facilities

Cleanaway’s range of filtered sinks and non-filtered manual solvent sinks clean small to medium tools and equipment.

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Filtered and solvent sinks

Our solvent sinks are a total workshop cleaning, waste and recycling solution. They are necessary equipment in automotive workshops, home garages, mechanical workshops, and manufacturing facilities that deal with oily and grimy parts.

Solvent sink features

Cleanaway’s solvent sinks are specifically designed to provide mechanics and service personnel with safety, ease and convenience when cleaning mechanical parts. Our solvent sinks feature:

  • 1.6mm cold rolled steel construction
  • Rigid design and stability that allows for larger loads
  • Increased tank capacity and longer solvent life
  • Sealed unit to protect the light and provide improved safety
  • Pneumatic pump

Non-electric and unfiltered models are also available.

Benefits of Cleanaway solvent sinks

Cleanaway offers two kinds of solvent sinks, designed to be cost effective and convenient additions to workshops. Our solvent features include:

  • Centrally located sink on the solvent drum for stability and easy mobility
  • Use of high grade solvent that effectively eliminates oil, grease, metal shavings and grime
  • Ergonomic design at work bench height for safe lifting and cleaning of heavy parts

CAT specification filtered sinks feature:

  • Strong, rigid and stable 16-gauge cold rolled steel construction
  • Three stage filtration system that produces cleaner solvent and increases solvent longevity
  • Increased tank capacity and solvent life
  • Increased flow rate of ten litres per minute

Pneumatically operated, non-electric model available for use in areas where concentration of flammable gases, vapours or dusts occur (Class 1, Zone 1 areas).

Cleanaway also provides the following:

  • Installation, machine set up and on site training
  • Supply of clean solvent
  • Maintenance of solvent sinks based on agreed service schedule
  • Repairs and replacement parts
  • Removal of contaminated solvent

A typical installation has a filtered and a non-filtered sink paired at each cleaning station. The non-filtered sink is used for rough cleaning and the filtered sink for the final assembly wash. Advantages of our solvent sinks include:

  • Extended lifespan and efficiency of your tools and equipment
  • Less frequent solvent changes
  • The sinks are reported to clean more efficiently as a result of improved through brush flow

Cleanaway’s filtered sinks frequently test 14-11 on the ISO4406 scale.

Our filtered sink benefits:

  • 1.6mm cold rolled steel construction
  • Increased flow rate of ten litres per minute
  • Three-stage filtration system that provides cleaner solvent
  • Increased tank capacity and longer solvent life
  • Mobility – able to be moved easily
  • Sealed light unit to protect the light and provide improved safety
  • Rigid design and stability allowing for larger load

Unfiltered sinks are also available.

Solvent sinks at work

Dirty equipment and parts are placed in the sink under the running cleaning solvent. The sink collects the liquid waste and filters the oil. Cleanaway representatives collect liquid waste and clean solvent sinks when requested.

On site cleaning

Key customers

Automotive industry

Automotive workshops and manufacturers deal with greasy and oily mechanical parts. On site solvent sinks allow for more accessible and efficient cleaning.


Manufacturing companies need optimised mechanical equipment. Cleanaway’s solvent sinks help save time and resources in cleaning and preserving tools.

Why choose Cleanaway

Customised to your needs

Our solvent sinks come in different capacities to deliver against your specific needs.

Environmentally friendly

We collect and recycle your wastewater to protect your water systems and the environment from contamination.

Maximised resource recovery

We recover solvents and oils to be recycled for other mechanical and industrial uses.

Total waste management solutions

We provide a suite of equipment services and solutions that improve the efficiency and quality of site operations.

More solutions for Cleanaway Equipment Services

Our specialised industrial equipment cleaning services provide high quality cleaning for workshops of all sizes.
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