Industrial Washwater Management

We safely collect, decontaminate and dispose of washwater from industrial cleaning, rinsing or manufacturing operations

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Industrial washwater disposal service

Industrial washwater is the contaminated liquid by-product from cleaning operations that contain chemical or hydrocarbon residues such as paint, powder, leachate and resin. Washwater is produced in operations such as textile cleaning and processing, industrial machinery cleaning and cooling towers. To prevent any negative impact on the environment, industrial washwater must be treated and decontaminated in accordance with regulations before it can be safely disposed of.

Cleanaway has the ability to collect and process all types of industrial washwater. Backed by our fleet of specialised collection vehicles, we can process large volumes of industrial washwater at our fully-licensed treatment facilities. Our EPA-compliant services ensure your industrial washwater is safely decontaminated according to industry standards.

Industrial washwater treatment and disposal

To treat washwater for disposal we mix additives to balance the pH levels of the liquid waste. The washwater is then passed through a filtering process to decontaminate the water. Once treated, both solids and liquids are safely disposed of.

Safe disposal

Key customers

Industrial plant and machinery

We are fully equipped to service any industrial environment where high volumes of washwater by-product is produced as part of the manufacturing process

Automotive and onsite workshops

We specialise in servicing workshops where regular industrial equipment cleaning and maintenance is required

Why choose Cleanaway 

Scheduled service

Our collection times cater to your needs, so you can focus on running your business instead of worrying about waste.

Purpose-built collections fleet

Specialised collections fleet that transport your waste offsite for further treatment

100% compliant

Our collections services are fully compliant with state regulations for collection, treatment and disposal

Total waste management

We offer total waste management solutions to support all your waste needs.

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From septic waste to wastewater, coolants and drum waste, we have the expertise and facilities to manage your liquid waste safely, securely and in compliance with safety and environmental requirements.
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