Our Business

Our business in a nutshell

Our mission is to make a sustainable future possible. To some, waste may seem like an ordinary part of everyday life, but we know it has extraordinary potential. We see all waste as a resource and use our facilities and processes to transform it into valuable commodities for every sector, industry and community.


Our services

Our business has three major operating segments:

Solid Waste Services – Our state-based Solid Waste Services business operates the largest solid waste and recycling services fleet in Australia supported by the leading resource recovery and post collection facilities network across the country. We service more than 90 municipal councils and over 140,000 local customers.

Liquids and Health Services – We are the largest hydrocarbons recycling business in Australia and a leader in the overall liquids market, collecting and processing 140 million litres of mineral oil, as well as collecting and processing 680 million litres of hazardous and non-hazardous liquids. Cleanaway Daniels handles all healthcare generated waste streams, with an unrivalled national service infrastructure and best in class products and services.

Industrial and Waste Services – Our Industrial and Waste Services offers a wide range of plant and asset management services that provide solutions to reduce production down time, the risk of unscheduled plant stoppages and the reliance on labour; increase plant efficiency; and help customers comply with strict environmental and OHS requirements.

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Joint ventures

We have formed joint ventures with various partners across Australia to provide solutions and facilities to help Australia manage our waste, including:


TOMRA-Cleanaway (Return and Earn) – Container Deposit Scheme, New South Wales


ResourceCo-Cleanaway – Waste to Energy facility

Industry representation

We actively advocate for issues affecting the waste management industry and the community at large, through our membership of the following national bodies:
National Waste and Recycling Industry Council (NWRIC)
Waste Management and Resource Recovery Association of Australia (WMRR)

Commodities trading

Our Commodities Trading Desk are integral towards helping us close the loop on waste, by helping us find local and national buyers for the recovered resources we retrieve.

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We are independently certified to:

ISO 14001 is the best-known, most widely recognised standard for environmental management. It is an international standard that provides specific guidelines to help organisations measurably minimise their environmental impacts, reduce waste and go beyond basic compliance in meeting environmental goals.

Health & Safety AS/NZS 4801: Certificate number OHS 609391

ISO 45001 is the national standard for occupational health and safety. It lays down the guidelines and requirements to help an organisation formulate workable policies to address the real people hazards or risks associated with its everyday operations.

ISO 9001 is the international standard for quality management. Its focus is customer satisfaction. Taking an organisation’s goals as its aim, the standard addresses all of the processes in the business to help ensure that, at each stage, they help the company not only meet those goals, but continuously improve.

Australia’s Product Stewardship for Oil (PSO)

The Product Stewardship for Oil Program (PSO) encourages increased collection and recycling of used oil in Australia by providing oil recyclers with product stewardship benefits. Category 1 is the highest level of processing. It provides the maximum reward for the highest quality product – that is, a non-carcinogenic re-refined base-oil used as engine lubricant, transformer or hydraulic oil. It must comply with health, safety and environment standards comparable to those for similar ‘virgin’ products.

GECA Certification

Cleanaway is certified to Waste Collection Services (WCSv1.0i-2018), which is given to waste collection companies that demonstrate transparency, quality service, accuracy of data for reporting and credibility. This standard sets the benchmark for environmental services and encourages best practice through 25 stringent criteria with evidence of compliance required.

  • Silver Partner of NSW Government’s Sustainability Advantage Program

The Sustainability Advantage is a Office of Environment and Heritage program that assists organisations across New South Wales achieve increased competitiveness and improved bottom lines through better environmental practices. Cleanaway is recognised for our sustainability initiatives internally and through partnership programs delivered to customers.