Liquid Waste Management

From septic waste to wastewater, coolants and drum waste, we have the expertise and facilities to manage your liquid waste safely, securely and in compliance with safety and environmental requirements.

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Liquid Waste Management

Liquid waste collection and recycling
Liquid waste by-products include wash water and coolants from workshop waste, septic and grease trap waste, as well as drum waste, paint and chicken fat. These waste streams require careful handling and are often strictly regulated to ensure safe disposal and recycling and to minimise harm to the environment.

Most liquid waste streams are perfect candidates for resource recovery as they can be turned into new materials and commodities after treatment.

Cleanaway offers comprehensive liquid waste services, collection and removal that can be customised to fit your budget, business needs and ensure compliance with all state and local regulations. Our team of experts has the experience to handle any form of liquid waste, backed by a specialist fleet of trucks and equipment. We can also provide consulting services on managing your liquid waste and other industrial waste.


Total liquid waste management solutions 

Liquid waste management goes beyond collection and recycling. Cleanaway can help your business identify and implement systems to reuse your waste before collection and processing, such as reclaiming waste rinse water for other uses within your site before recycling.

For many businesses, the key issues with liquid waste disposal are:

  • Storage
    Cleanaway can help ensure your liquid waste is stored safely and securely, minimising the risk of an incident. We can also provide your business with storage containers and help your business create standard operating procedures (SOP) for safe liquid waste disposal.
  • Transportation
    Many businesses that generate liquid waste are subject to “chain of custody” requirements, where you are ultimately accountable for the transport and disposal of all waste generated by your business. Cleanaway is a certified trackable waste transporter to our liquid waste treatment plant, with systems in place to electronically track your waste, so you can easily report to your local authorities as required.