Infrastructure and engineering

Infrastructure industry waste solutions that maximise resource recovery while meeting your environmental obligations.

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Construction industry waste solutions

Just as building practices have become more sustainable, infrastructure construction waste management practices have evolved as well. We constantly innovate to help keep your business ahead of the curve and allow you to choose a specific bin solution and benefit from cost savings. We would love to partner with you on your projects.

Companies engaged in construction, demolition, engineering, redevelopment and infrastructure produce a lot of waste that potentially goes to landfill. We see all waste as a resource and aim to recover, recycle and reuse building waste wherever possible.

As part of our engineering industry waste management solutions — broken bricks, concrete, green waste, plasterboard, metals, soils, tiles and timber — can be commingled in one bin. Through our facilities and construction industry waste solutions, these materials continue to be useful beyond the building site through different forms of recycling or reuse.


Cleanaway helps maintain controlled environments through services that display precision and efficiency in construction, demolition and waste collection. Our high pressure water blasting can cut through concrete and dirt, effectively cleaning and preparing surfaces with great speed. The resulting construction industry waste or sludge is sucked up by our special vacuum to reveal pipes, cables and other assets in difficult to reach areas.