Fees and Charges

At Cleanaway, we believe the best business relationships are built on choice, transparency and flexibility. Our updated service agreements for small business customers are designed for simplicity so you can get on with running your business.

Read our standard terms and conditions: Cleanaway Standard Terms and Conditions | Cleanaway Daniels Standard Terms and Conditions | Cleanaway Equipment Services (CES) Standard Terms and Conditions | Cleanaway Industrial Waste Services Standard Terms and Conditions

* All prices quoted are exclusive of GST.

Break fee and service cancellation fees

If you need to terminate your agreement with us before the expiry, or you no longer require our service, you may be required to pay a break fee and/or other service cancellation charges:

Equipment Collection Fee $150 plus GST per piece of equipment and all related equipment removal costs.
CES Equipment Rental We reserve right to claim 50% of rental fees for the remainder of term until we are able to rent out the equipment to another customer.
Account Closing Fee $60 plus GST.

Missed or unsuccessful service

Being able to collect your bin on schedule is essential to delivering a safe, reliable service. An unsuccessful service is an instance where we are unable to complete collection through no fault of Cleanaway, and as a result the service charge will be applied to your account and we will contact you to reschedule.

It is easy to avoid this charge by simply making your bins available for collection on your service day, at the agreed location and not contaminated, overloaded, blocked or locked. If the current scheduled service doesn’t align with your waste collection needs, please call 13 13 39 to rearrange the service to better suit you.

Waste Tracker

From 1 July 2021 an important change in environmental laws in Victoria came into effect impacting reportable priority waste (RPW). Fees and costs associated with compliance to Victoria’s Waste Tracker legislation will be applied where relevant.

Paper invoicing

Customers have the choice of receiving an invoice either electronically or by mail. Where a customer selects to have invoices mailed a charge of $3 will be applied to each invoice.

Waste Plus

When you have more waste than you had planned, Waste Plus allows you to temporarily exceed your contracted weight limit. A charge to cover the costs associated with the additional material will be added to your invoice. Bin weight technology means Waste Plus can now be applied to overfull Organics and Commingle Recycling bins, on both front and rear lift systems.

Waste Plus should only be used as a last resort. If you are being charged Waste Plus, please call 13 13 39 and have your bin schedule/size reviewed.
Metro Regional
ACT Up to $4.00 per 10kg over N/A
NSW Up to $8.40 per 10kg over Up to $9.10 per 10kg over
NT Up to $2.20 per 10kg over Up to $3.30 per 10kg over
QLD Up to $5.10 per 10kg over Up to $6.60 per 10kg over
SA/TAS Up to $7.00 per 10kg over Up to $7.00 per 10kg over
VIC Up to $4.50 per 10kg over Up to $6.90 per 10kg over
WA Up to $4.30 per 10kg over Up to $4.30 per 10kg over

*Changes effective as of 1 May 2022.

Environmental fee

Cleanaway’s Environmental Fee reinforces our ongoing commitment to managing our customers’ waste sustainably and contributes to supporting our environmental initiatives. The Environmental Fee is applied in line with our customer contracts and appears on invoices as a separate item to provide a simpler, more transparent view of our Fees and Charges.

Solids For each invoice with value less than $75, a flat fee of $5. For each invoice with value $75 or greater, 4.45% (or 5.45% in SA or NT) within a minimum fee of $10 and a maximum fee of $150.
Liquids and CES 4.45% of the invoice total with a minimum charge of $10 and a maximum of $250.

Read more about our environmental fee here.

Fuel Surcharge (New for Solid Waste Services)*

With changes in fuel prices impacting the transport industry, the fuel surcharge can rise, fall, or not be applied, depending on the movement in fuel prices.

Each month we will monitor the fuel price in accordance with the National Average Diesel Price (c/litre incl.GST) located on Australian Institute of Petroleum website.  The fuel surcharge will be applied as per the below table using the National Average Diesel TGP Price for the month prior to the invoice (e.g. May invoice will be based on April fuel prices).

Fuel price Front lift Rear lift Bulk services
$            1.50 or below $            – $            – $            –
$            1.51 – $1.59 $            1.20 $            0.50 $            11.50
$            1.60 – $1.69 $            1.40 $            0.60 $            12.50
$            1.70 – $1.79 $            1.60 $            0.70 $            13.50
$            1.80 – $1.89 $            1.80 $            0.80 $            14.50
$            1.90 – $1.99 $            2.00 $            0.90 $            15.50
$            2.00 – $2.09 $            2.20 $            1.00 $            16.50
$            2.10 – $2.19 $            2.40 $            1.10 $            17.50
$            2.20 – $2.29 $            2.60 $            1.20 $            18.50
$            2.30 – $2.39 $            2.80 $            1.30 $            19.50
$            2.40 – $2.49 $            3.00 $            1.40 $            20.50
$            2.50 – $2.59 $            3.20 $            1.50 $            21.50
$            2.60 – $2.69 $            3.40 $            1.60 $            22.50
$            2.70 – $2.79 $            3.60 $            1.70 $            23.50
$            2.80 – $2.89 $            3.80 $            1.80 $            24.50
$            2.90 – $2.99 $            4.00 $            1.90 $            25.50

The Fuel Surcharge will be charged per a unit for the above services.

*Changes effective for Solids as of 1 May 2022.

Late payment

When an invoice is paid after the due day a late payment fee of $30 may be applied.

On Call service

Our On Call service gives customers the convenience of an option outside of scheduled services. Because On Call services redirect our trucks away from planned routes, they are not efficient to operate and incur an additional cost.

Solids* $39 plus GST.
Liquids and CES $29 plus GST for grease trap or CES services.

Scheduled servicing is still the best way to get reliability and ensure you’re not caught short if there are no trucks available in the area. On Call service does not guarantee same day servicing. Your service will be booked for the next available collection in that area.

*Changes effective as of 1 May 2022.

Weekend and public holiday surcharge

To ensure your business has the service you need, when you need it, we offer services on weekends and public holidays. These services can be booked directly on 13 13 39 and may have a surcharge applied to the collection and disposal amounts.

Solids The amount will be 15% of the service with a cap of $15 plus GST.


Credit card surcharge

A fee of 0.8% of the amount paid by credit card.